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Wikimedia Serbia Report
January 2012

Live meetings[edit]

There were three meetings during January which featured members of Wikimedia Serbia and activists from Wikipedia in Serbian language. Beside standard discussions, the main focus was on Free Knowledge for Free People event, Financial meeting in Paris and Open Wiki GLAM conference (more information follows).

Free Knowledge for Free People[edit]

Thanks to the grant for capacity building, Wikimedia Serbia formed an organizational team and started preparing for the first out of six events planned. In order to build capacities of Wikimedia Serbia, we found organizers outside Wikimedia, with previous experiences in the event management, willing to join the organization. Organizational team consists of Duška Rajković and Marko Stefanović, with Miloš Rančić as logistical backup. Adequate space has been chosen and technical preparations have been made.

Open Wiki GLAM of Serbia conference[edit]

By using the existing database of state institutions, we created a list of GLAM invitees for the upcoming conference. The organizational team made personal invitations for every invitee and sent them during the middle of the month. Registration for media and GLAM institutions started at the beginning of the month and event program was available to all participants. Press release and public invitations for participation in the GLAM conference were sent to all media. Our volunteers worked hard on translations and adaptations of content on the GLAM site. The grant application deadline for covering conference participation expenses was January 20. Our team reviewed all applications and decided to support Noopur Raval and Kiril Simenovski.

Financial meeting[edit]

Wikimedia Serbia supported the financial meeting held by Wikimedia France and delegated its representative. Because of the financial limitations, our only representative was Filip M. Preparations for this meeting started in January.

Financial report[edit]

Wikimedia Serbia entrusted the task of making the annual financial report for 2011 to Astra accounting agency. The annual financial report consisting of Balance sheet, Income statement and Statistical annex was created in line with the applicable laws of Republic of Serbia. The report is available atДатотека:Finansijski_izvestaj_2011.pdf.

Statement of solidarity with Wikipedians active on Wikipedia in english language[edit]

Wikimedia Serbia has taken a position of support towards Wikipedians working on Wikipedia in English language in their protest against SOPA and PIPA regulations. Our statement is avalable atСтав_1/2012.