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Wikimedians for Disaster Response/Events

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A Humanitarian OpenStreetMap event organized by Wikimedia Indonesia in 2015

One of the outcomes of the Wikimania 2017 session was the suggestion to reach out to different communities within and beyond the Wikimedia universe in order to learn from each other's past and ongoing disaster response activities and to explore the potential for coordinating future ones.

This page is meant to facilitate this process by providing an overview of events aimed at bringing these communities together.

Date Location Focus Event type Link Comments
2014-08-09 London Humanitarian OpenStreetMap mapping Wikimania workshop Session page
2014-09-20 Mexico City 1985 Mexico City earthquake editathon report
2015-04-29 Stockholm Nepal Earthquakes HOT OSM invitation
2015-10-08 Stockholm Refugee crisis in Europe editathon project page
2015/2016 Indonesia Open Content in Kalimantan series of 35 events report
2017-08-13 Montréal The role of Wikimedia in emergency response Wikimania 2017 session session page
2017-09-14 Ottawa exploring interactions between Wikimedia projects and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team birds of a feather session at the HOT Summit notes
2018-03-20 Berlin coordination between Wikimedia and disaster response organizations in German-speaking countries stand-alone workshop project page
2018-07-20 Cape Town general coordination across Wikimedia projects Meetup during Wikimania 2018 Disasters meetup
2018-07-28 Milano coordination between Wikimedia projects and the OSM and first responder communities Lightning talk at State of the Map 2018 Wikimedia in disaster management and humanitarian aid: an overview
2018-10-05 St. Gallen role of Wikipedia and OSM in disaster management Talk at the German-speaking WikiCon Katastrophen und Katastrophenmanagement
2019-08-16 Stockholm Mapping the world we want - Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Talk at Wikimania 2019 Video
2019-08-17 Stockholm What is the role of wikipedia during volcanic eruptions? Poster at Wikimania 2019 Poster submission
2019-11-10 Boston Wikimedia in humanitarian contexts Lightning talk at WikiCon North America https://wikiconference.org/wiki/Submissions:2019/Wikimedia_in_humanitarian_contexts
19 October 2020, 11:30 CEST online Contributions of the Wikipedia ecosystem to disaster preparedness and management Workshop at Fachtagung Katastrophenvorsorge 2020 Wikimedians for Disaster Response/Talks/Fachtagung Katastrophenvorsorge 2020 registration required (free)
Date Location Focus Event type Link Comments
Date Location Focus Event type Link Comments
Date Location Focus Event type Link Comments

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