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Here we are collecting feedback for recommendation 10, Prioritize Topics for Impact. Feel free to add any thoughts here, we will finalize it together in an online meeting.

  1. In general, we agree that this recommendation is important for the movement, and we support it.
  2. We could save the Movement time and effort by avoiding to create that "list of topics that have the greatest impact on the world" and instead just adopting the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals as the fundamental topics humanity needs to address in exactly the same time span as we are aiming for with our strategy. On that basis, we could then consider what to emphasize, but whatever we choose for that, we should not overemphasize it: the world, and our readers, would clearly benefit from having well distributed knowledge about everything that is covered by the Sustainable Development Goals, from the highest overview and policy level down to detailed (and actionable) facts and instructions that can empower people to engage with these Goals, including through our Movement. But much of the engagement so far both by contributors and users was driven by attention to the systematic — or even systemic — interweaving of knowledge, rather irrespective of the perceived importance of individual topics.
This has now been submitted. Ainali (talk) 19:41, 21 February 2020 (UTC)