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This meeting[edit]

2022-05-04 - Wednesday - 16:00 UTC Join here on Wednesday:


Wed May 4, 2022, 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time - New York


  • WMF Annual Plan draft putting Commons in the focus of more resources
  • Structured Data on Commons experiences - A number of us have run into bugs/issues with SDC recently:
    • Often get "500 Internal Server Error" on queries that used to worked fine
    • "orphaned" MIDs being returned by WCQS that seem to be errors
    • Quickstatements will often hang and malfunction when working on SDC.
  • GLAM School - Susanna Ånäs
  • Hackathon coming up May 20-22 - Discuss and plan any GLAM-oriented meetups.
  • Tips on getting buy-in from admins? - Rachel Helps
    • I'm trying to go from half to 3/4-time and I need to write a memo to our academic VP.
    • Ideas beyond page/image views? Or maybe that's enough?
  • Add more items here