Wikimedians of Colorado User Group/ASBS Elections 2019

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This page is for collecting Wikimedians of Colorado User Group votes for a three-year term as Affiliate-selected Board seats/2019. Here's a primer on what you need to know about trustees and their role in the Wikimedia Foundation. Every nominee is expected to answer a series of questions as well as any posed specifically to them.

Rules for voting[edit]

  • Only members of the Wikimedians of Colorado User Group may vote here. Every vote must be signed (by adding ~~~~ after it).
  • Each member may give a score of -2 (strong disapproval) to +2 (strong approval) to any candidate.
  • Votes will be tallied, and nominees will be ranked from highest net score to lowest net score.

Randomized nominees and votes[edit]

Final votes from the Wikimedians of Colorado User Group[edit]

+3 (rank: 1)[edit]

+2 (rank: 2)[edit]

+1 (rank: 3)[edit]

0 (rank: 4)[edit]

-1 (rank: 5)[edit]