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Train-the-Trainer (TTT) 2023
ട്രെയിൻ ദി ട്രെയിനർ 2023
BeginsSeptember 29, 2023 (2023-09-29)
EndsOctober 1, 2023 (2023-10-01)
VenueKochi Marriott Hotel, Kochi
CoordinatesCoordinates: 10.029°, 76.3075°
Previous eventTTT 2020
Organised byCIS-A2K and Wikimedians of Kerala

In 2023 September CIS A2K in cooperation with Wikimedians of Kerala organized an event of Train-the-Trainer (TTT) at Kochi. The program emphasised on experiential learning, encouraging participants to learn through practical experiences and hands-on activities. Moreover, the workshop focused on identifying and addressing biases that might hinder the growth of inclusive and diverse communities.

More Information's at CIS-A2K/Events/Train the Trainer Program/2023


  • 1 August 2023: Announcement of the event and Scholarships .
  • 14 August 2023: Date for closure of Scholarship Applications
  • 20 August 2023: Announcement of Scholarships
  • 27 August 2023: Last date for registration
  • 10 September 2023: Logistics and event arrangements
  • 29,30 September, 1 October - TTT 2023

Participants from Wikimedians of Kerala UG[edit]

The following members participated from Malayalam community in the TTT 2023.

Username Attended as
Gnoeee Organizer
Viz M Participant
Ranjithsiji Participant
Meenakshi Nandini Participant
Akhilan Organiser
Tony Antony Organiser

Presentation at TTT[edit]

User:Ranjithsiji and User:Gnoeee presented about various projects done by Wikimedians of Kerala User Group at the TTT Training. We talked about Wiki Loves Muziris, Wiki Loves Eclipse, Wikiproject Kerala in Wikidata etc..

Book Scanner from CIS[edit]

CIS-A2K has given a scanner for scanning books and upload into commons to the Wikimedians of Kerala UG.


Wikimedians of Kerala UG had the privilege of co-hosting the Train the Trainer (TTT) residential training program designed to nurture leadership skills among members of the Indian community partnering with the Centre for Internet and Society-A2K. Through our co-hosting role, we aimed to enrich the event with our collective expertise and commitment to advancing training and educational initiatives within the Wikimedia ecosystem.

User group members User:Akhilan, User:Gnoeee, and User:Tonynirappathu joined the event as part of the organizing team, while User:Meenakshi nandhini, User:Ranjithsiji, and User:Vis M participated as attendees. Special thanks to other user group members User:Akbarali, User:Erfanebrahimsait and User:Netha Hussain for the helping with the planning and framing the event.

In our commitment to environmental responsibility, we made a conscious effort to reduce the utilization of plastic materials during the TTT. Thank you CIS-A2K team for considering Wikimedians of Kerala UG's request on this matter. Mindful of the impact of plastics on our environment, and alignment with our sustainability initiative we took proactive steps to minimize their presence in crucial event elements such as standees, ID cards, and file folders. During our event, we also extended our sustainability efforts to the provision of water. We consciously chose to serve water in glass bottles rather than opting for single-use plastic bottles in both the hotel rooms and the dining area. This initiative aligns with our dedication to sustainability and underscores our belief in adopting eco-friendly practices wherever possible.

After the event Wikimedians of Kerala User Group received a Czur scanner from CIS-A2K and was handed over to User:Tonynirappathu for starting the digitization work.

Following the event, feedback was gathered from TTT participants, with 10 individuals providing input through feedback forms.

  • The majority expressed appreciation for the user group's travel guide, finding it highly beneficial for commuting between the Airport and the venue. Regarding the convenience of reaching the event venue from the Airport, most respondents noted that utilizing the Feeder Bus and Metro train was very convenient and easy. Each participant provided a flawless rating of when questioned about the clarity and organization of event arrangements and communication.
  • In assessing the logistics of the event, including venue, accommodation, facilities, and provided materials, participants were asked to rate various aspects such as Accommodation, Venue, Connectivity, ID Cards, Stickers, and Food. Three participants assessed these elements as moderately satisfactory, while seven participants rated them as excellent. One participant give feedback that the accommodation was great but suggested to have the event at a cheaper venue.
  • When asked about their satisfaction with the presentation of Wiki Loves Muziris and other User Group Activities on Day 2, all participants expressed the highest level of satisfaction and participants expressed thier interest in the projects by the Malayalam Community, including School Wiki, Data-thon, Wikiproject Kerala, Mapping, and the documentation of Wiki Loves Muziris. Additionally, they found innovative appeal in the project involving the creation of Wikidata items to document hospitals, schools and other amenities. Other notable projects they feel interested was the Panchayat mapping project in Wikidata and OSM.
  • The participants gave an outstanding rating for the assistance and helpfulness of members from the Malayalam Community during the event. Participants provided positive feedback on the event, highlighting excellent coordination and praise for the Malayalam Wikipedia group's outstanding job. They acknowledged the efforts of CIS-A2K team, appreciating the feedback approach for its impact on future sessions. The event's management by Kerala Wikimedians received commendation, and overall experiences were described as great. Some participants noted a language gap and expressed a desire for hands-on project experience.
  • Specifically, participants lauded the workshop's excellent arrangement and the host user group's cooperative nature. The program was deemed impactful for future work, and suggestions included additional time for participant interactions. Despite minor issues like demagnetized room keys, the overall organization, travel guide, accommodation, food choices, venue, and interactive sessions were highly praised, leading to the characterization of the event as a very successful one.
  • Participants provided additional comments, expressing gratitude for the wonderful experience and commending the overall excellent organization and teamwork. One participant suggested a formal introduction of host user group members before the wiki buddies session.

The members of the Wikimedians of Kerala User Group extend our heartfelt gratitude to the CIS-A2K team members, trainers and each participants to the success of the event.