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Wikimedians of Kerala/Events/Wikimedia Education Programme for Kerala Teachers

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On the 6th of August 2023, a one-day Wikimedia workshop was conducted specifically for school teachers in Kerala, India. The event took place at Qadisiya English School, Farook, Calicut, and saw the active participation of 31 teachers from various Government, Aided, and Unaided schools in the region.

The workshop commenced promptly at 10 am and concluded at 4.30 pm, offering an extensive learning experience for the attending teachers.


  • Date : 6.8.2023
  • Time: 10 am - 4.30 pm (IST)
  • Location : Qadisiya English School, Farook, Calicut, Kerala, India

Organising team

  1. --Akbarali (talk)
  2. -Vijayan rajapuram


  • Introduction to wikipedia, Wikidata,Wikimedia commons and Wikisource
  • Educational Application of Wikimedia

Inauguration and Leadership:


The event was inaugurated by Dr. Faisal Ahsani, an experienced teacher trainer in the education field. Training Session:

Akbar Ali led the training session, providing valuable insights and hands-on experience with various Wikimedia platforms, including Wikipedia, Commons, and Wikidata.

Workshop Highlights:


The participants learned how to creat

  • e their user pages on Wikidata.
  • They actively edited and contributed to school-related items on Wikidata.
  • Teachers also successfully created Wikidata items dedicated to their respective schools, thereby enriching the knowledge base.
  • As a practical component of the workshop, several teachers uploaded images to Wikimedia Commons, contributing valuable educational resources to the public domain.

The workshop served as an excellent opportunity for educators to explore Wikimedia projects and harness the power of collaborative knowledge sharing. It empowered teachers to contribute to the Wikimedia community and enhance the availability of educational content online.

This event successfully united teachers from diverse educational backgrounds to actively participate in the Wikimedia movement, emphasizing the importance of open knowledge and collaborative learning.

We extend our gratitude to all the participants, organizers, and trainers for their enthusiastic involvement in making this workshop a success. The Wikimedia community looks forward to further engagement and contributions from the newly trained educators in enriching the digital educational landscape.


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