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Wikimedians of Lagos User Group/Annual Report 2023-2024

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This is the annual report of activities for the Wikimedians of Lagos User Group. It details activities from 29 May 2023 to 28 May 2024.

  1. SheSaid 2023 Campaign (1 October 2023 - 13 January 2024): The Wikimedians of Lagos User Group organized the SheSaid 2023 campaign, which aimed to enhance the visibility of notable women born in Lagos on English Wikiquote. The campaign was part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative and focused on creating and improving Wikiquote entries related to the quotes of these women leaders. The main challenge addressed was the underrepresentation of women from Lagos on Wikiquote, particularly with regards to notable quotes. Through the campaign, the group was able to amplify the voices and contributions of women born in Lagos and address the gender gap in knowledge. However, the group faced a lack of funding, which limited the scope of the campaign. We hope to do more in the SheSaid 2024 campaign.
  2. Vodcast with Wiki In Africa (27 October 2023): The group's community leader, Jonywikis, was a guest on Episode 32 of the Wiki In Africa vodcast, titled "Echoes from the gender space. The episode shed light on how the #SheSaid campaign has fared over the years and how it is impacting the gender space and the community. The vodcast provided a platform to share the group's experiences and insights from the SheSaid 2023 campaign. You can watch the vodcast here.
  3. Wuman-dem an Kolsho-dem 2024 (1 February 2024 - 31 March 2024): The Wikimedians of Lagos User Group organized the "Wuman-dem an Kolsho-dem 2024" campaign on the Nigeria Pidgin Wikipedia. This campaign was the Wikipedia edition of the Feminism and Folklore 2024 international writing contest, which aims to document folk cultures and women in folklore on Wikipedia. The basic aim of the competition is to collect articles on human cultural diversity in the worldwide free encyclopedia Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects. The Wikimedians of Lagos User Group successfully organized and participated in this campaign on the Nigeria Pidgin Wikipedia.
  4. Affiliations Committee (AffCom) Application: One of the group's leaders, Biowikician, was a candidate for the call for candidates by the Affiliations Committee (AffCom) from October 17 to November 17, 2023. Though Biowikician did not get selected after reaching the interview stage, he gained valuable experience that was shared with the user group.
  5. Wikimedia Summit 2024: Biowikician was among the participants for the Wikimedia Summit 2024 after going through the selection process. However, due to visa-related issues, he was unable to participate in-person.

Overall, the Wikimedians of Lagos User Group was actively engaged in various initiatives during the reporting period, focusing on enhancing the representation of notable women from Lagos on Wikiquote, celebrating folklore and women in folklore on the Nigeria Pidgin Wikipedia, and participating in the Wikimedia governance process through the AffCom application.