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Slogan of Wikipedia Education Program Nepal is

"Each one teach one"

"एक कान दो कान मैदान, प्रत्येकले एकजना सँग बाडौं ज्ञान, गरौं सबैको कल्याण"

Wikipedia Education Program Nepal[edit]

Wikipedia Education Program Nepal is a program to expand the awareness and education on Wikipedia and Wiki technologies in Nepal. We have the following activities under this program.

There will be changes to the children education opportunities by actively promoting youth education in the developing world. Nepal's education is one of the newest systems in the world. Gurukula played a big role in the education of the population of the country. Gurukula is a school system when students stay with a guru, learn from this person and help him with.

Wikipedia Ambassador Program[edit]

Wikipedia Ambassador Program

One Day event[edit]

Request for next 12-weeks Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

We are talking with various college about conducting Wikipedia Education Program-II in Nepal. If you have interest to do some new thing for your students, If you have got Internet Enabled Computer Lab, pls. contact us.