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Wikimedians of Nepal/Wiki Wikipedia Education Program Nepal/WEP One-day at Sanothimi Campus

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WEP One-day at Sanothimi Campus[edit]

The first One day Wikipedia Education programme (WEP) was organized at the Sanothimi Education College (Campus) on Feburary 16, 2014. It was an one full day WEP programme with technical session to impart knowledge and skills for students to learn Wikipedia, create articles and share their knowledge. The B.Ed (ICT for Education) 2nd year students were the participants of the first one day WEP program being implement by the WEP team in Nepal. In this program, students learned about the wikipedia and got hands on mentored full day workshop to start writing article in Nepali Wikipedia. The programme design followed the important components of the WEP basic curriculum using presentation and demonstration approach.


The training programme was hosted by the Sanothimi Educational Campus and supported by the faculty members namely, Mr. Reg Bhandari (HoD), Mr. Romkant Pandey (Lecturer) and Mr. Bhoj Raj Joshi (Lecturer) among others. Training was executed by the Wikimedian team members of Nepal.

Program Detail[edit]

The programme stareted at 10:00 and was complted at 17:00. It was targeted for the entire batch of B.Ed (ICT for Education) 2nd year students at Sanothimi Education Campus. 28 studnets took part in this one day WEP programme in their computer lab, enabled with high-speed internet connectivity for this session. Specially, 10 Mbps bandwidth for the WEP program was topped-upped by the Classi Tech Pvt. Ltd, an ISP providing Internet serivce.

Program Schedule[edit]

10:00-10:30 : Registration and Participants arrival

10:30-10:35: Welcome and Introduction from the host: Mr. Bhoj Raj Joshi, Sanothimi Campus

10:35-10:40: Address from the Campus Chief/Head of the Institution

10:40-11:10: Introduction to Wikipedia, Wikimedia and Open Content: by Ganesh Poudel, Hempal Shrestha, Prakash Neupane.

11:10-11:50: Nepali Wikipedia, Live demonstration of creating login, user-page, editing basics, referencing of sources: by Krish Dulal, Saroj Dhakal, Anupam Poudel...

11:50-12:30: Live Demonstration of Creating a New Article in Nepali Wikipdia: by Krish Dulal, Ganesh Poudel, Saroj Dhakal

12:30-13:00: Lunch Break

13:00-16:00: Technical Hands session to students with assistance from all the Wikipedians for creating their user, user-page and writing/editing/contributing to a Nepali Wikipedia article.

16:00-16:30: Closing remarks from the HoD, Santohimi Campus.


The names of the students who participated in the one day WEP program at Sanothimi Education Campus on 16th February, 2014 were:

  1. Bhupendra Pd Gupta
  2. Umesh Tamang
  3. Shanta Adhikari
  4. Jarman Subba
  5. Niraj Katel
  6. Bikash Paudyal
  7. Upama Sharma
  8. Nirmala KC
  9. Niraj Bhusal
  10. Lekha KC
  11. Tek Bdr Tamang
  12. Jiwan Khadka
  13. Abina Uprety
  14. Nimita Pokhrel
  15. Ramala Parajuli
  16. Prem Oli
  17. Gopal Oli
  18. Jyoti Prakash Gharti
  19. Bangsaraj Pandey
  20. Devendra Humagain
  21. Manish Koju
  22. Dip Saud
  23. Vishan Thapa
  24. Samita Shrestha
  25. Usha Kiran Karki
  26. Lal Bahadur Budhathoki
  27. Devendra Kumar Pasi
  28. Mahendra Saud

Resource Persons[edit]

The Resource person from the WEP team of the Wikimedians of Nepal were;

  1. Hempal Shrestha
  2. Ganesh Poudel
  3. Prakash Neupane
  4. Srijan Karki
  5. Anupam Poudel
  6. Bishal Bhandari

Output and Outcome[edit]

The students learned about basic features,editing and creating an article on Nepali Wikipedia. They created their user name in Nepali Wikipedia, uploaded pictures / images in the commons, created their user pages, practice basic about wikipedia editing and contributed /created new article on a topic they were interested in . It is felt that they had also understood the importance of Nepali Wikipedia in their learning process and acquire skills to contribute and benefit from sum of all human knowledge in the wikipedia.