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Wikimedians of North India/Meetups/Cultural Heritage Mapping of Ajnala area-2019

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Cultural Heritage Mapping of Ajnala area-2019 is an event organised by Harvinder Chandigarh , the founder member of the User Group Wikimedians of North India to cover the heritage sites of the remote but historically important Ajnala town of Amrtitsar district of Punjab, India.


  • To take images of historically and culturally important sites and upload on Commons.
  • To create new content on Wikipedia.
  • To enrich the existing content on Wikipedia by adding relevant images to it .
  • To create awareness about Wikipedia in the the local community.

Reference period[edit]

The visit was conducted on 21st and 22nd May 2019.


Heritage sites[edit]

Old Tehsil, Ajnala[edit]

Shaheedan da Khu[edit]

Existing content enrichment[edit]

Creation of new content[edit]