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Wikimedistas de Colombia/Grupo de usuarios/Report 2017

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Report 2017-I

Events & activities[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Encuentro de Activistas en Lenguas Indígenas 2017-01-25 Cajibío, Cauca Juan Sebastian Quintero Santacruz (User:Sahaquiel9102) Wikipedia and sister projects were introduced to 13 speakers of indigenous languages. The talk "Wikipedia in my own language" was given and the project was presented as one way to keep alive the native languages.

A blog post was created and there is a Grant report too.

Charla en la Biblioteca San Javier de Medellín 2017-02-08 Medellín, Antioquia Alejandro Rojas (User:SajoR) We were invited to talk about Wikipedia and sister projects. 14 persons attended the talk. Among the projects, the group was introduced to the free licences, and the concept of free knowledge

A blog post was created

Wikimedia Conference 2017 2017-03-31 to 2017-04-02 Berlin, Germany Juan Sebastian Quintero & Ivan Camilo Quintero Our group attended the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. Ivan Camilo give a lighting talk and Juan Sebastian take part of the Strategy tracks.
Iberoconf 2017 2017-06-10 to 2017-06-12 Buenos Aires, Argentina Óscar F. Gómez (User:Racso) & Alejandro Rojas As active member of Iberocoop our group attended Iberoconf 2017. The talks and the workshops of the Conference aimed the profesionalization of the groups in Latin America and the discussion of the Strategy to 2030. We subscribed the Carta de Buenos Aires, a letter from the groups and chapters of Iberocoop to the Wikimedia Foundation.

A resume of Iberoconf 2017 can be seeing here and a post in our blog was created.

Wikimania 2017 2017-08-09 to 2017-08-13 Montreal, Canada Ivan Camilo Quintero (User:Remux) An answer to the Carta de Buenos Aires from Katherine Maher was received during this Wikimania.
Radio interview 2017-09-02 Colombia Ivan Camilo Quintero Ivan was interviewed in a national-wide radio program to talk about the WikiEncuentro, a meeting of Wikimedians in Cali, Colombia (see below for more).
Interview in the Blog de Iberoconf 2017-09-05 - Ivan Camilo Quintero A new interview about the meeting was made. This time for the Iberocoop's Blog
Interview in a newspaper 2017-09-23 Cali, Colombia Juan Sebastian Quintero (User:Sahaquiel9102) Appeared an interview to Juan Sebastian in a mass media newspaper about the meeting and in general about his work in Wikipedia, our group and our goals and projects.
Workshop 2017-09-11 Cali, Colombia Juan Sebastian Quintero & Ivan Camilo Quintero As preparation of the WikiEncuentro we give a workshop about how to edit Wikipedia.
WikiEncuentro Cali 2017 2017-09-23 Cali, Colombia Juan Sebastian Quintero & Ivan Camilo Quintero This meeting received a lot of attention from the media. The meeting was an experience that allow us learn a lot about organization. We made contacts with one library. 13 participants attended the meeting, 11 new articles were created, around 20 new photos were uploaded to Commons.

A landing page was created in our wiki, a blog post was created and a Grant Report is also available

Eureka 2017-09-27 Cali, Colombia Ivan Camilo Quintero The talk "Wikipedia from inside" was given. Also we discuss about Educational uses of Wikipedia and sister projects.

a blog post was created

Festival de Datos Abiertos Cali 2017 2017-10-14 Cali, Colombia Juan Sebastian Quintero We received an invitation to give two talks. One about who we are, what we do and what Wikipedia is. The second one was about Wikidata and open data. We created bond with local organizations of open data.

A blog post was created.

23º Congreso Colombiano de Esperanto 2017-11-03 to 2017-11-05 Honda, Tolima Ivan Camilo Quintero & Estefanny Sandoval (User:Tefita228) The Esperanto Ligue of Colombia iinvited us again to give talks about the activities of the group and its members during the 23° Colombian Esperanto Congress. This time we engage one of our new members (recruited in September thanks to the WikiEncuentro) to participate on behalf the group.

There is a blog post about our participation.

Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017-11-03 to 2017-11-05 Stockholm, Sweden Juan Sebastian Quintero Santacruz Wikimedia Sweden give an extended scholarship to one of our members to participate the Diversity Conference in Stockholm. There we shared our experiences with indigenous people and the situation of post-conflict in Colombia.

A post about the experience of the travel and the conference appeared in our blog.

Wikivacaciones 2017 2017-12-01 to 2018-01-31 Colombia Juan Sebastian Quintero Santacruz, Ivan Camilo Quintero & Óscar F. Gómez The contest went really well. See grant report.

Organizational changes and improvements[edit]