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Wikipassaporto/How it started

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I primi tre wikipassaporti della storia: FrangeCe, Yiyi, Ysogo

The first idea of what would become the wikipassport was born in the summer of 2017 within the coordination group for Lombardy of Wikimedia Italia.

At that time the group was collaborating on the "Liberty tutti" project with the municipality of Cernobbio in a series of events hosted at Villa Bernasconi aimed on the one hand at the recovery of the villa, a liberty jewel, and on the other hand to enrich the voices of Wikipedia about liberty and the silk industry of which the Bernascons had written important pages. As a sign of recognition, and in the wake of the fruitful collaboration established, the municipality had offered that, within the new layout for the Art Nouveau museum in Villa Bernasconi, a permanent space would be set up reserved for Wikipedians who wanted to contribute to the various projects of the galaxy wiki using the sources available at the museum. It was decided to give the name to this space the name of wikistazione. Soon followed the idea that similar wikistations could also be found in other entities with which the group was collaborating.

It was at this point that Tremej, Yiyi, and Ysogo posed the problem of how the wikipedians could be encouraged to go to those institutions that would have demonstrated, by joining the wikistations initiative, the will to contribute to the quality of wikipedia voices and its sister projects. The idea that arose was that of a document in which to collect the stamps of the entities to which one would go: from here, in harmony with the concept of wikistation, the step to call it wikipassport was short.

The gestation of the wikipassport passed through a series of exchanges of ideas with other users, including first of all g, wikis in Italian culminating in the Wikipassport session Wikipassaporto e il Grand Tour del XXI secolo and the 21st century Grand Tour held during the itWikiCon 2017 2017 in Trento.

Subsequently, with the help of Alibonbon, the graphic of the wikipassport was completed which then had its debut on 16 December 2017 during the La Cernobbio Liberty and Wikivoyage event at Villa Bernasconi. The first wikipassport to be stamped was that of FrangeCe.