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sketch 7-03

Wikipede. He's a shy little bug who sits under trees and avoids controversy and conflict. He eats lollipops and drinks an occasional mate, and though usually a devout vegetarian, he will from time to time have a nice juicy steak.

"Wikipede" belongs to the species Chilopoda wikiphiliae but goes by "Kip." He has degrees in physics, philosophy, history, and veterinary medicine, but chooses to deny these trivial pursuits to devote his life toward making the world a better place, by spewing and sharing his knowledge on Wikipedia.

Naturally, Kip is unemployed and on the Dole, though he searches (halfheartedly, he admits) for work when he is not glued to recent changes in search of vandals and crackpot theory pushers. Kip has an annoying habit of speaking in the third person – for example, when asked by an editor if he could undelete several Gaia theory articles, he stated "Kip is not your servant."

Although technically a centipede, a hundred legs is a bit much (even Kip thinks so), and thus Kip usually appears with far fewer legs/arms, normally about six or eight – sometimes seven. Six appendages seems to be the norm, and thus Kip is virtually indistiguishable from an ant. Kip thinks the political nonsense surrounding ant/centipede distinctions in this case is most likely due to speciesism, though a part of him is tempted to blame Canada.

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