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This is a public status page for the Wikipedia @ 20 project, a collection of essays about insights learned during Wikipedia's two decades; it is developed with MIT Press on the PubPub platform. You can watch this page or discuss on the discussion page. - Jackie Koerner & Joseph Reagle


  • 2019-11-09: The manuscript is submitted and "in production". We hope to have a copy-edited manuscript some time in December. We will share that with contributors then as well as any required steps.

This section will list the work related to the collection of essays. This will include conference presentations, panels, and media publications.

WikiConference North America 2019 Proposal


Several contributors reached out to the editors about hosting a panel at WikiConference North America in November 2019. We thought this was a great idea. In order to gather interest, we will be drafting the proposal here before the submission deadline.

Session proposal


Wikipedia @ 20 is a forthcoming collection of essays distributed by MIT Press and shared openly under Creative Commons licensing. This collection combines the insights and wisdom of nearly two dozen activists, authors, contributors, educators, journalists, researchers, scholars, and technologists regarding their experiences with Wikipedia through its first decades.

Come engage with these contributors regarding their essays and collective insights. The panel will be moderated by the collection’s editors, Joseph Reagle and Jackie Koerner. Along with questions the moderators will draft, we welcome questions from the panelists, session attendees, and the broader community.

Questions for the panelists


Below are a list of proposed questions for the panels. This list will be semi-structured in order to flex with the flow of conversation and audience comments/participation.

  1. What has Wikipedia achieved in the first twenty years?
  2. What does this history tell us of expectations fulfilled or disappointed, opportunities seized or missed, myths confirmed or busted, lessons learned, or the probable future?
  3. If we had to start over again, what would you do differently?
  4. What do the next twenty years look like?
  5. What are your thoughts on using PubPub?
  6. add your questions here

Interested contributors


Please add your name below if you would be willing to be part of the panel at WikiConference North America. Only add your name if your attendance is very likely or certain.

  • William Beutler
  • Phoebe -- I will be at the conference of course, would be happy to participate in the panel or not. I'll be doing plenty of other stuff at the conf too so am ok not being on it!
  • Pete Forsyth

Regrets / Maybes


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