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Wikipedia & Education User Group/About us

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The User Group

The Wikipedia & Education User Group is a global group that facilitates, supports, and advocates for implementing Wikipedia and its sister projects into the educational and academic curricula in both the Wikimedia Movement and outside of it, in the Open Education and Open Knowledge movements.


Throughout the world, educators use Wikipedia and its sister projects as a teaching and learning tool. We are an international group that facilitates the work and supports the needs of global community working with Wikimedia in education. Our aim is to enhance and scale local and global educational efforts, advocate for use of Wikimedia projects in education, and elevate the narrative outside our movement. By engaging with formal and informal modes of education we believe every member of society will be able to know how to contribute to and learn from open knowledge through Wikimedia projects.

EduWiki Knowledge Showcase

EduWiki Knowledge Showcases are designed as a community support space to provide an inclusive and equitable community gathering platform for members of the Wikimedia and Education User Group and EduWiki practitioners across the globe. This plan revolves around Global Open Meetings hosted by affiliates within the movement with support from the Wikipedia + Education User Group members. The goal is to foster a sense of belonging and connectivity and inspire diversity within education programs.

Education Hub

Thematic Hubs were defined in the 2030 Movement Strategy process as an opportunity to foster learning and sharing across groups thematically connected in our movement. Our User Group shares a lot of similarities with the hub concept; as such, we've conducted preliminary needs-finding research about what our Wikimedia & Education community would find valuable from a hub. In late 2023, we conducted additional research that formed the basis of our Theory of Change. Join our user group to get invited to participate in additional discussions!