Wikipedia 101 Education Set for Beginners

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Wikipedia 101 (Turkish: Vikipedi 101)


Vikipedi 101 (Wikipedia 101) is an online Wikipedia education set for beginners. This project is carried out in cooperation with Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey , Notre Dame English Club and the Deoband Community Wikimedia. The video footage of the Wikipedia 101 is done at Istanbul Bilgi University RGB Studios. The videos are licensed under the Creative Commons license and published on Wikimedia Commons on the Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey YouTube channel.

The videos were shot in Turkey, and then released by Wikimedia Turkey on its YouTube channel. Given the effect, the video-kit is supposed to be released under same license and quality through dubbing/remaking in English, Bengali and Urdu by Notre Dame English Club and Deoband Community Wikimedia.

Partnerships and participants[edit]


  • Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey - Kurmanbek (Caner)
  • Notre Dame English Club - Mrb Rafi
  • Deoband Community Wikimedia - TheAafi
  • Istanbul Bilgi University - Faculty of Communication academics and RGB Studios worker students

Special thanks

  • Basak, Zafer and İsnaaa from Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey (for their participation in the determination of the content of the education set and for being a guide when starting this project)


Kurmanbek (Caner), the narrator of the education set

The Wikipedia 101 Video Education Set contains a total of 10 videos.

  1. What is Wikipedia?
  2. History of Wikipedia
  3. Wikipedia in daily life
  4. Register and interface
  5. Entry to editing
  6. Discussion pages and user signature
  7. References
  8. Categories and Wikidata
  9. Media uploading to Wikimedia Commons
  10. Translate with translate tool
All videos has English subtitles.


  • To encourage people in Turkey and the countries of the project partners to learn Wikipedia from the internet.
  • Strengthening collaboration between Wikimedia communities through the Let's Connect program.
  • To ensure equality of knowledge, which is part of the Wikimedia Movement Strategy.