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Kitamura Sae

Born in Japan
Joined Wikipedia in 2010
Favorite article is 激おこぷんぷん丸.





“This project made me understand the importance of contributing to the society as a scholar/Wikipedian,” she explains.

She has not stopped since.

Now a Professor of English in Tokyo, Sae is still an active Wikipedian and advocate of the free and open knowledge movement. Recently, she found a way to match these interests and empower her students. She called it the “Wikipedia Translation Project.”

To engage her students practical language and research skills, Sae challenged them to choose an existing English Wikipedia article and translate it into Japanese.

“To improve students' information skills, I also teach how to use online databases and reference sources, and how to evaluate the credibility of information,” she adds.

Sae’s students contribute around 40 new articles to Japanese Wikipedia each semester. “Some students have grown very keen to correct wrong or unclear information, and I am glad at that,” she said. “Editing Wikipedia is like fighting against evil all alone in the corner of public sphere.”