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Wikipedia 15 celebrates the fifteenth birthday of the birth of Wikipedia, a project which exists today in almost 300 languages and which contains more than 36 million articles. This page covers the style used during the celebration, as well as the icons and images used throughout.


The icons were developed by Mule Design and released under a CC-0 licence to allow for as wide a usage as possible. Initially, the collection comprised 31 individual "marks", though communities were encouraged to develop their own with a simplified set of guidelines to follow.

The full set of icons is available on Commons, at Category:Wikipedia 15 marks.

Mule-designed icons[edit]



With wordmark[edit]

With Wordmark

Animated GIFs[edit]

Community-designed icons[edit]


Wikipedia 15 mark guide, slide 1.
Wikipedia 15 mark guide, slide 2.
Wikipedia 15 mark guide, slide 3.
Wikipedia 15 mark guide, slide 4.
Mule Design's guidelines for the creation of community icons.



With wordmark[edit]

These icons were often paired with the Wikipedia 15 wordmark, in various languages. These can be found in the index, Category:Wikipedia 15 marks by language.

Color variants[edit]

Various color variants were developed of the icons for use in other situations (such as the banners). See Category:Color variants of Wikipedia 15 marks.

Animated GIFs[edit]

See Category:Animated Wikipedia 15 marks.


The Wikipedia 15 wordmark is typeset in Open Sans, a typeface originally commissioned by Google in 2010. It is freely available from Google's "Fonts" project.

"Wikipedia" is written in Open Sans Condensed Light, while "15" is written in Open Sans Bold. Should a non-Roman character set be used, a typeface in sans-serif is preferred where possible.


Pattern Icon Color Icon color
WP15 pattern pink.png Kiwi wordmark.svg #FD79BD #BC2A98
WP15 pattern purple.png Soccer-ball wordmark.svg #6642FB #B43AFF
WP15 pattern orange.png South-America wordmark.svg #FECA75 #FC6238
WP15 pattern teal.png International-Space-Station wordmark.svg #33D4DC #1693BE
WP15 pattern red.png WIKIPEDIA15 POLAND BISON.svg #F94A7C #F676CE
WP15 pattern navy blue.png International-Space-Station wordmark.svg #073C9D #0E55AA