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Wikivoyage Logo Election
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Thank you for submitting and discussing logos for the 2013 Wikivoyage logo selection process. The initial submission period is now closed. The entries have been aggregated at Wikivoyage/Logo/2013/R1/Gallery. The time between now and 00:01 UTC, 26 July 2013 is set aside for the community to review those submissions for obvious copyright issues or other concerns that would prevent their being eligible for selection. Please place any comments at Talk:Wikivoyage/Logo/2013/R1/Gallery.

If you have submitted multiple different proposals, please remember that voters have only 3 votes in total and adding lots of similar proposals may diminish the chances. Further information available at the talk page. If you wish to withdraw one or more logos you have yourself submitted, please note your request at Talk:Wikivoyage/Logo/2013/R1/Gallery.