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Wikipedia Trainer Certification

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  • Feedback on WikiEducator
    • What can be shortened, improved?
    • What needs to be added?
  • What kind of skills should the ideal Wikipedia Trainer have?

Feedback on WikiEducator

    • Extensive tutorial section 1-18 [1]
    • In upper levels, trainee is expected to host, teach and mentor before they are certified.
    • Certification Framework still not established.


  • 4 tutorials b(#1-4): What is a Wiki?; Creating an Account: Editing Basics; Basic Text Formatting
  • 3 activities: newbie survey, personal page editing, wiki concept explanation
  • Trainee expected to edit their profile page with bold and italics.
    • TIME ESTIMATE 4 hours or 4 days


  • 2 tutorials (#5-6): Creating New Pages and Links; Inserting Images and other Media
  • 5 activities: create external link(s), create internal link, insert image, insert thumbnail, and change the size of the image
  • Trainee expected to build new pages, create links, insert and edit images.
    • TIME ESTIMATE 2 hours or 2 days


  • 3 Tutorials(#7-9): Collaborative Editing, Communication and Interaction; Pedagogical Templates
    • List of Pedagogical Templates
    • WikiNeighbor Link [5]
  • 8 Activities: Use pedagogical template; show a revert of a 'planned' mistake; show comments left on wikiEducators page; Introductions to 2 wikieducators; Develop one lesson for wikieducator; monitor & track recent changes (make 2 edits per page); adopt a user; provide evidence of showing wikieducator to a friend
  • Trainee expected to use layout features, the mailing list, leave messages for the their peers and provide feedback on content.

TIME ESTIMATE: 2.5 hours or 3 days [MORE PENDING]

WIkiArtisan [6]

  • 4 Tutorials (#10-13): Thinking about Structure, Navigation Templates; What is free content?; Developing a teaching resource.
  • 4 Activities: develop 5 learning hours of content; develop teaching resource (1) using navigation templates and 2 collaborators; Served as WikiAmbassador--organized and recorded at least one event; designed evidence portfolio to demonstrate the tasks.
  • Trainee is expected to develop learning content (5 hours) worth, teaching resources, serve as a WikiAmbassador and provide documentation of this in their portfolio.
  • TIME ESTIMATE: None Provided

WikiTRainer [7]

  • All Tutorials (1-18): 14. Sourcing and using free images (WIP); 15. Using support and development templates (WIP); 16. Implementing learning design (WIP); 17. Collaborative Video--Help and Sandbox; 18. Tutorial Index.
  • 7 Activities: prepare portfolio to show links to two workshops lead by trainee; evidence of at least 1000 edits in WikiEducator; list of 30 WikiEducators w/ links to their userpages; a signed commitment to mentorship; Listing of name on community certifier list; submission of request for certification as wikitrainer.
  • Trainee is expected to have led workshops, edited at least 1000 times and should have their name posted in places where prospective mentees can contact them.


  • WIkimaster requirements are identical to WikiTrainer requirements

Numbers of participants in the Field (09/09)

  • Apprentice 1 #546
  • Apprenctice 2 #618
  • WikiBuddy #204
  • WikiArtisan #55
  • WikiTrainer ZERO* Criteria under Development
  • WikiMaster ZERO* Criteria under Development

  • [9] As of Oct 2008/quote from commentary "No one in the Community has the status of WikiTrainer. The reason being, we still need to think carefully about the requirements for WikiTrainer and above. Hoping to get some community consultation going on this soon."

Questions for WikiEducator Staff/Volunteers


What's the status with the WikiMaster criteria for certification?
What's the user feedback on your trainings/tutorials?