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Wikipedia Welcomes Pro Photographers

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A professional camera.

Wikipedia Welcomes Pro Photographers is an orientation program aimed at professional photographers and professionally viable photographers. The program aspires to inspire them about the free content and the Wikimedia movement and the role they could play by hosting their work at Wikimedia Commons making their work available under Creative Commons license and how their contributions could get recognition as author as their work gets used.

Target audience[edit]

The Wikimedia movement can benefit from the contributions of professionals who are equipped with expert knowledge and professional gear.

This campaign aims to reach out to professional photographers and professionally viable photographers. This can be done in collaboration with:

  • Professional photographer groups of a particular locale
  • Photography clubs of a particular locale
  • Photography institutions of a particular locale


The program is supposed to include

Type of programs[edit]

  • Orientation workshops along with hands-on upload sessions
  • Bulk photo donation camps
  • Follow up editathons and alike
  • Competitions


  • Educating professional photographers about Wikimedia Commons.
  • Inspiring them to contribute their images in bulk. It is not necessary that they upload all the images by themselves. Volunteers can screen the images, add descriptions, add categories and batch upload them if felt essential.
  • Retaining professional photographers as contributors for life.


  • The first event of the series is scheduled to occur in Kolkata. The venue and date are yet to be declared.

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