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Sanskrit and Hindi wikimedians are planning to conduct a workshop for Senior Secondary School students with Sanskrit and Hindi as there 1st or 2nd language. The venue for the event is School for Excellence (SFE), Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh for 2 days 19th and 20th of December 2016. The expected number of students to participate is around 30. The event is to popularize wikimedia projects among student community and to bring them into wikipedia writing and editing. The event will be spearheaded by senior wikipedians on Hindi and Sanskrit wikis. This is the first of it's kind workshop/event in the region.

Aim of the Workshop[edit]

To popularize wikimedia projects. To bring school students into wikipedia editing in Indic languages. Since SFE has a good number of students with good knowledge of Hindi and Sanskrit. The workshop will be helpful for the students to get to know about various copyright related issues and also about the normal mistakes which everyone commits while downloading content from the internet. The student community will easily absorb the concept and we also expect a good number of students to continue as regular contributors and promote the initiative.

Dewas District[edit]

Dewas district located in Madhya Pradesh state is surrounded by three big Capitals as Indore (commercial capital), Ujjain (Spiritual capital), Bhopal (State Capital).

Location of Dewas district on map

The School[edit]

Govt. School for Excellence, Dewas, previously known as Narayan Vidya Mandir No. 2 is the first ISO-9001:2000 certified school in Madhya Pradesh state. It is one of the most popular schools in the region with 1000+ students from 9th to 12th standard. The students over here learn subjects like Science, Mathematics, Commerce, Arts, etc. Students also learn Hindi and English as their first or second language and Sanskrit as their third language. The school has a computer lab with internet connection.

Entrance of School for Excellence

Program Leads / Invitations[edit]

  • Hindi Wikipedia - We have Mr.Suyash Dwivedi from Bhopal will talk about Hindi Wikipedia projects.
  • Sanskrit Wikipedia / Co-ordinator - Mr. Siddharth Dhodapkar, Sanskrit Wikipedian and Campus Ambassador for Wikipedia Education Program at Christ University, Bengaluru (CUWEP) will be there to discuss about Sanskrit Wikipedia projects and how Wikipedia Project is running in Christ University, Bengaluru.
  • Open Source - Mr. Swapnil Karambelkar from Bhopal will be talking about copyright related terms and licenses.


Workshop will contain various sessions on Hindi and Sanskrit Wikis and also commons (open source). The two-day workshop will be followed by an edit-a-thon on the second day.

Community Engagement[edit]

I have discussed about the event in the community. This is the link to community discussion page.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Being in touch with participants.
  • Encouraging them to edit on wikipedia.
  • Conducting edit-a-thons later and engaging more participants.


54 Student participated


Focus Languages[edit]

Hindi and Sanskrit - Since all of the participants were native speakers of Hindi and also they were learning Sanskrit in schools as their 2nd Language (taught from 6th standard to 12th standard)

Day 1[edit]

We had to teach everything from the beginning. Following were the topics we covered on the First day :-

  1. Introduction
  2. History and Founders of Wikimedia Foundation
  3. Various projects of Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wiktionary, etc.)
  4. Indian Language Wikipedia Projects
  5. Scenario of Indian Wikimedia Projects
  6. Number of articles and contributors from Indian domain
  7. Introduction to editing on various wikis
  8. Introduction to commons
  9. Copyright related issues
  10. Need of references

It was followed by a question answer session.

Day 2[edit]

This was a practical session. Students did various practical activities on wikipedia (Editing, typing, adding media, infooxes, etc.). A total of 6 articles were created in Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

What did we achieved ?[edit]

  1. Growth in User Base in Indic language Wikis.
  2. Increased number of Student Editors-Contributors.
  3. Created a buzz for Wikipedia projects.

What's next ?[edit]

  1. Planning to conduct more edit-a-thons in the month of April-May this year.
  2. We were approached by some other indivsuals for conducting such events in there places.


Day 1[edit]

Day 2[edit]