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Wikipedia and the Italian school

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Wikipedia and the Italian school (Wikipedia e la scuola Italiana) is an initiative designed to analyse, monitor and improve Wikipedia content related to the Italian school system.

History of the project[edit]

The project was initiated in Italy in spring 2020 during the coronavirus emergency to support distance learning. The initiative stems from the concrete need of this period to provide resources to teachers, students and families, and produces a system to describe and monitor the status of Wikipedia content related to Italian schools, whose usefulness goes beyond the specific needs of this period.

The project was extended to evaluate also relevant texts on Wikisource related to Italian literature and Latin literature taught in the Italian schools.

Since 2020 the project has been updated and improved by organising Wikipedia festivals and writing weeks to engage volunteers in contributing to selected articles, by adding data and by monitoring yearly content.

In 2020 a series of visualisations were created to provide an overview of the topics analysed. In 2021 the visualisations where transformed into a interactive visualisation tool called Topics on Wikipedia.

In 2023 the project was replicated in Uruguay.