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Wikipedia for Peace/edit Peace Manifesto

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[edit] Peace Manifesto by Wikipedia for Peace

1. Ignorance breeds conflict. Understanding brings peace.

2. Wikipedia for Peace fosters understanding between communities, between people.

2.1. Peace through knowledge by all and for all.

2.2. Knowledge through Wikipedia validates the best intentions of likeminded learners.

2.3. Knowledge as a bridge to peace. Build bridges to overcome inequalities!

2.3.1. We work for a gender equal and welcoming Wikipedia.

2.3.2. We bridge the gap between the regions of the world.

2.4. We write about people who make peace

2.5. We involve people into peaceful action.

2.6. A growing community of people: We are always accepting motivated volunteers.

3. We stand for peace.

3.1. We stand against violence: „There has never been a good war and a bad peace.“

3.2. Peace is much more than the absence of war.

3.3. Imagine a world, in which every single person can live in peace.

3.4. Peace depends on you! Yes, you! Be the [edit] you want to see in the world.

4. Knowledge is necessary for informed decision-making.

4.1. The reality is: There will not be another Planet Earth!

4.2. We spread awareness about environmental problems in order to preserve nature for our future and our children‘s future.

4.3. #lovenature

5. We are a momentum.

5.1. Fast moving, far reaching.

5.2. We organise camps, edit-a-thons and other volunteering projects for the common good.

5.3. Inspire and be inspired.

6. Peace has no borders.

6.1. We are local in a global context and global in a local context.

7. We make communication more peaceful on Wikipedia.

8. We cannot represent people who cannot [edit], but we can write about them.

9. [delete] violence, [save] peace!