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Wikipedia for Peace 2016/Results

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Here we can collect the outcome of our project. New articles, new pictures, Wiktionary entries, improved articles etc.


New articles[edit]

Improved articles[edit]

New pictures[edit]

In one afternoon we managed to take pictures of 38 objects listed in Tiroler Kunstkataser (fountains, wayside crosses, buildings, churches, etc.) in Jenbach. This means we contributed a lot to the development of the Category:Jenbach on Commons. We also imported pictures from Flickr (e.g. for pl:Jadwiga Łopata or es:Ruth Buendía) and documented our own work visually, some of which you can find below in our camp diary.

Some highlights among the Tiroler Kunstkataster objects:

We gathered most of our work on Commons in Commons:Category:Wikipedia for Peace 2016.


20 individuals were directly involved in Wikipedia for Peace 2016. The 15 camp participants added or removed a total of 1,010,931 bytes, they edited 1,903 times and created 181 new pages from 10 Aug to 21 Aug 2016 (namespaces: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 106, 107).

The participants created or improved 67 Wikipedia articles in 12 languages during Wikipedia for Peace 2016. 140 media files were uploaded to the respective category on Wikimedia Commons. 61 media files are used in the main namespace of the Wikimedia projects (last check: 28 Oct 2016).

Media reports[edit]

Camp diary[edit]

August 10[edit]

The tenth of August was the day of the arrival. A couple of people (Rosalie1624, Shikeishu, Earlyspatz, Khafez79 and Elefantofo) arrived one day early and had a wonderful stay in the Austrian countryside in Terfens. The other participants arrived until late in the evening. A wonderful treasure hunt through the city of Jenbach was made in which the participants learned a lot about Austria and the city surrounding them. We had a great dinner (pasta). Then we got to know each other and talked about our expectations of the camp, the common rules and visions. Everyone was quite tired from a lot of traveling and we slept quite early to be fresh for the first day of work on the 11th of August.--Earlyspatztalk 15:41, 12 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

August 11[edit]

Firstly , we started the day with breakfast after Braveheart informed us about Wikipedia introduction part. Introduction part was Wikipedia Adventure that was very enjoyful and trained us. We learned form user page , examined article rules in detail. We had a break the day with enjoyful games and lunch. The lunch was delicious like breakfast. Afternoon we had knowledge about SCI , the environmental justice also the Goldman Environmental Prize and and recipients. After that , we examined article lists about Goldman Environmental Prize and it's recipients. We realize that there are so many missing articles especially in languages except english. We compared English articles and our language articles. We tried to complete missing parts. In addition , we tried to translate them our language from English.--Sunlusoy16 (talk) 15:45, 11 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

August 12[edit]

In the morning it was raining,,,, Coffee cups were generously filled in anticipation of a busy day. Philip and Claudia joined us for the morning session and delivered a presentation on the organisation and activities of Wikipedia as a voluntary organisation. Most of us continued our work on translating, editing and writing new articles on distinguished environmentalists such as Bob Brown and Wangari Maatai. The reflection showed everybody's individual progress and the dynamics of group activities was supported and encouraged by comments and explanations of the more experienced volunteers. The icing on the cake was literally served on the common table after 4 hours of incredible skill and creativity on the part of Ofar and the cooking team. The delightful dinner was followed by a Wiki Dojo game which let us change turns adding information and editing the English article on Thomas' home town Terfes. A charming end of a rainy and collaborative day. Javacoffeeandtea (talk) 21:09, 12 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Wrote a short report on our WikiDojo experience yesterday. --CDG (WMAT staff) (talk) 09:20, 13 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

But it was still raining ;)

August 13[edit]

Saturday was one of very few sunny days and the morning started with a pleasant surprise from our coordinators saying that we were going HIKING! The annoucement was followed by a session led by our guest Tobias introducing us to WikiData. The sessions started as a confusing experience but fortunately ended up being a lot of FUN! We managed to feed our stomachs very sustainably. Florgrogo had barcitos and Taras706ac scarpeta. And the Polish connection had one sock for lunch. After a well-deserved short rest, we set out for an adventure up to 900 meters high. We headed to Wolfsklamm, a gorge in the town of Stans. To our great surprise, a little stream turned out to be a fast-flowing, freezing cold and aggressive stream! But, there were some brave knights who dipped in and ….. survived. There was pain, laughter and joy! The brave ones were , Taras706ac, and Artista27! In order to continue our trip everyone had to cross the crystal-pure but ice-cold water. And we did that! Refreshed we continued our pilgrimage up the hill to St. Georgenberg which is an old Benedictine monastery founded in 12th century. We took some rest sipping beverages served at the very top of the hill and admiring the panoramic view in a great, international company of volunteers. Fix und fertig we made our way back to Jenbach where we were served some Spanish goodies such as tortilla patata by Ipuigso (Spain) and Artista27 (Portugal). As dusk was falling all around we were sitting around the fireplace with logs crackling behind our backs. Suddenly, mafia people and werewolves came to our hut in Jenbach…. Stay calm! There is still the same number of volunteers! Our great 15!

August 14[edit]

Today was a good day. Was sunny!! Yeaah first of all, we had a wonderful breakfast, pancakes prepared by the Cat’s team. After, we did an energizer and then we carried writing and translating Wikipedia articles until 1pm. We had lunch a little bit late today, like in Spain, around 2pm. The meal was homemade bread and salad prepared by the Dog’s team. After the lunch, some of us played a badminton competition between Italy, Portugal and Poland. Portugal won!! At the afternoon, we wrote again Wikipedia articles and then we went outside the house, we sat in a cycle, and we did a reflection. It’s nice to know different points of view and to share them with others. Later, some of us went to the park. We had a fancy Italian dinner: lasagna made by our chef User:Taras706ac! Do you want to know the recipe? No garlic, just passion, amore and some onions! At night, some of us went to saw the stars. Tip of the day: when it’s sunny, it’s time to do the laundry! And it’s what we did today as you can see at the picture!

August 15[edit]

Free days are perfect for either relaxing/doing nothing or discovering/brave adventures. The group decided to go for the latter - which meant that even though the weather forecast was rain, thunderstorms and apocalypse, we headed out to the medieval town of Schwaz. I was proud to be everybody's driver from Jenbach to Schwaz, because my parents lent me their car and it was an easy way to get there. However, after transporting the first four people, the car broke down - and only these four people saw the wondrous spectacles of Catholicism in Austria on a national religious holiday like Maria Himmelfahrt (Blasmusik, Prozession, ÖVP mayors with gold chains, Schützen, etc. etc.). Once the whole group arrived to Schwaz, we went up to Schloss Freundsberg and enjoyed the view over the Inntal. Afterwards, we went to the Franziskaner monastery and to my favorite ice cream shop in Schwaz. My parents invited us for coffee and cake to Terfens, which is where some people also enjoyed my family's cats, a Virgin Mary pilgrimage (This was definitely the most Catholic day of the workcamp) and the upside down house, one of Terfens' "major landmarks" (sic!). --Shikeishu (talk) 22:45, 16 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

August 16[edit]

At the begining the weather was weird.

It's a new day in this fantastic workcamp! After recharging our batteries due to the free day, we came back to work with our usual timetable. One of the wikimedia masters that we met in Innsbruck, Simon04, visit the workcamp and taught us tricks of the wikimedia commons trade. Having uploaded some pictures we worked a bit on our articles. After the lunchbreak we went to a photo tour in Jenbach, which resulted in escaping from a storm. Anyway, it was almost succesful, the photos were so breathtaking that we could not even breath while uploading them. Then we fulfilled our lungs with oxygen and went to eat some dinner, tasty one, you can bet ;) But you cannot bet it was Vietnamese!!! Hado1706 surprised all the participants with her amazing and super-special spring rolls, such a great dish! In the evening we all played a game which was introduced by BogumilaH.

And the weather was still weird.

August 17[edit]

The day today started a little late as there was a confusion about the breakfast and the team needed to have a rest after a lot of exhausting days with too little sleep. But then we had great Israelian roulade and Vietnamese soup for breakfast. We had an interesting workshop in which we learned about the environmental problems in each others countries (Spain, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Italy). Then we heard two presentations one about the dead sea in Israel from Elefantofo and another one about the ILVA case from Taranto. After that we heard a presentation about the gender gap on Wikipedia. We had a reflection round in which people expressed ways to punish editors for an uncivilized way of writing or harassment. We had great Syrian dinner. We are looking forward to the badly needed free day tomorrow. --Earlyspatztalk 20:12, 17 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

August 18[edit]

Once upon a time, far away so far that we had to take a bus up the hill, we spent our last day off of our workcamp in Achensee. It is a fairy tale place that is real. There we found the reflection of the sky in a beautiful lake with teal water surrounded by towering mountains. As cool volunteers cheer and laugh, we did that while sitting on the grass and enjoying our company, eating home-made sandwiches and playing games. Since Achen Lake is also called Fjord of the Alps, some of us went hiking around the picturesque lake. It was exciting, funny, and sometimes slippery. Finally, we made it back to Jenbach just in time for dinner. Beacuse Jenbach is a town of many surprises and a great nightlife as well as nice people, we were treated with Austrian pizzas ordered by the mayor of the town, Dietmar Wallner.

August 19[edit]

Hi! This morning a journalist from a local newspaper visited our workcamp to learn more about Wikipedia for Peace here in Jenbach. After that, we had an energizer in the open air: suddenly, aliens came and some of the volunteers were abducted: so we had to repeat the mantra song: kumcha kumcha, bane, bane, bane, bane. Finally, we did walki talki, Walki talki to recieve a clear signal. Then, we took part in very interesting and thought-provoking workshops about gender equality and at the end we watched an emotional video about sexual orientation discrimination. The video presented a parallel world in which homosexuality is ‘ideal’ and heterosexuality is viewed as a 'sin'. Since it was a sunny day, most of us did the laundry again! Yeah! What a perfect way to spend a sunny day!!! During the afternoon we did another workshop related to the organization of workcamps similar to this one in other countries in the future. This is one of the ways to spread the ideas about ‘Wikipedia for peace’. We had dinner by the nice fire place, special dishes were prepared by our Maestro Francesco Da Vinci: spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms. Delicious!

After a discussion on experiences of harassment or just bad attitude of other Wikipedians in reaction to beginners' mistakes during our project, we decided to write some statements/messages about our first Wikipedia experiences:

August 20[edit]

Today was dedicated to finishing up - finishing up our articles and finishing up to say goodbye. On the one hand we said goodbye to the scouts centre, which meant we gave it a good cleaning, and on the other hand we started saying goodbye to each other. Long talks, reminding ourselves of the inside jokes we developed within the group in the past days and weeks and writing goodbye messages to each other, to those who had already left us and - last, but definitely not least - to Bob Brown. We hope he enjoys the articles about him in Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and many other amazing languages. Two of us had the chance to visit Innsbruck during the day, because one had teethache and had to visit the dental hospital. --Shikeishu (talk) 22:05, 21 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

August 21[edit]

Since the early morning hours, one after the other left Jenbach and the project. I was the last one to depart and the one with the shortest travel time. It was a great pleasure to get to know all of you, to work on something meaningful and to experience my home from a very different perspective. See you at Wikipedia for Peace 2017! --Shikeishu (talk) 22:05, 21 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]