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Wikipedia is not a convalescent center/zh

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(中文) 这是一篇论述它只表达了部分维基人或元维基使用者的意见及观点,此等观点可能未获得广泛支持。这不是元维基的方针,但可能是属于其他维基计划的方针或指引。如有需要,欢迎更新本页面,或在讨论页提出修改的建议。

维基百科 的目标在于积累整个人类的知识。 为了实现这个目标,维基百科试图吸引尽可能多的编辑,并希望他们每个人将会作出有益的贡献。这是维基百科公开的原因。之所以有这么多的编辑,维基百科也是个复杂的社会共同体,吸引着寻找交流和沟通的人们。

维基百科也容易成瘾。 这样一看,两个位问题出现: 人们为什么要在维基百科上工作? 他们得到的回报是什么呢? 虽然每个人的情况会不一样,在有些极端里,人就是想做破坏。这些人的行为会对百科有破坏,也对项目的社会团体造成伤害。

人为什么要成为破坏分子? 有些时候是因为这些人想得到一点重视。 这样的编者在现实生活中也许得到的重视就把维基百科当社交区。 也许,在网上玩 角色扮演游戏 要适合些,可这些人觉得维基百科要更适合。 这再一次表明表明维基百科含有个广泛的受众。

  • 有没有 可能性 这种编辑具有良好的信心和 善意

当然, yes

  • 我们 必定 需要人为编者是善意的吗?

当然, no

When someone is just trying to attract attention no matter whether he produces good or bad impression on people, he quickly realizes that in virtually any social environment the most effective and easy way to accomplish this goal is to make destructive actions rather than positive and useful ones. When it comes to the Wikipedia environment, the editor notices that nominating popular articles for deletion, participating in discussions in an uncivilized way to turn them into quarrels, and other actions of that kind, including even vandalism, easily attract as much attention if not more as good and fair work on articles and support of other people working on them. Some of those editors are smart enough to realize, however, that they also need to do some work on articles, so that they would not be considered pure disruptors by the community and thus would not be simply blocked. They usually switch between those two kinds of activity very often and quickly, and the community continues to assume good faith of them, "because they do make useful contributions".

However, such editors hinder the development of the project, drawing away other editors and wasting their time that would otherwise be spent on useful work on articles. Therefore, their contribution is as disruptive as the contribution of ordinary vandals, and may even be more harmful, because it continues for long time, whereas obvious vandals are blocked quickly.

Wikipedia is not a convalescent center for people with the lack of communication. If an editor spoils the project more than improves it, it might be considered wise and useful to restrict his work on the project to those areas where he can do positive work, and isolate him from other areas. That may include, for example, prohibition to edit pages in the Wikipedia: namespace for a particular editor, or using some kind of mentoring procedure that would narrow down the amount of people drawn away by editor's actions.

It should also be noted that the lack of communication and subnormal socialization are medical problems that require assistance from qualified health professionals. Trying to resolve these problems just by participating in an online project may not help, and may even make the situation worse, because other members of the project are usually not health professionals. Remember that Wikipedia does not give medical advice.

If, at the rare moments when you are able to look at yourself from outside, you notice that currently the primary goal of your activity in Wikipedia is communication and attracting attention, and all other reasons are far less important or even don't turn you on anymore, you probably should:

  • Try to compensate your lack of communication somewhere else, for example, in IRC.
  • Seek help from qualified health professionals.

Spin out your nerves and manage to make decisive actions.