Wikis World/Moderation

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Moderation responsibilities:

  • Acting enough on user reports, muting and blocking users and domains as necessary.
  • Approving new trending hashtags, posts and links as appropriate
  • Reviewing the local timeline, proactively providing reminders/warnings to users on posts that fall below our expectations and/or rules.
  • Reviewing #fediblock and FediBlock for domains that should be blocked.
  • Providing invite links to interested users upon request.
  • Adding emojis upon request.

Monthly updates[edit]

These are usually done by the admins, and published roughly on the 14th of every month. Here's how to publish one:

  1. Draft up the update a day or so early as Wikis World/YYYY-MM.
  2. Send a link to the draft to the moderator chat, asking for comments. Improve the draft if necessary.
  3. Once it's time to publish, add a link to the report to the list on the main Wikis World page.
  4. Toot about the update using the @announcements account.