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Wikisource Pagelist Widget

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Wikisource Pagelist Widget Presentation and Demonstration
Presentation on using and enabling the Wikisource Pagelist Widget

The Wikisource Pagelist Widget is a OOUI widget inside the ProofreadPage extension that seeks to streamline the process of creating and updating pagelists inside Index pages.

The widget can now be enabled by using the instructions on the help page on MediaWiki.

Background information


The ProofreadPage extension provides a custom tag, <pagelist /> to create a list of pages labelled by their page number. However, to achieve this, the extension uses a form of custom syntax to specify the ranges and page numbers inside the pagelist tag. This syntax however is difficult to visualize and requires quite a bit of mental gymnastics to get right. Additionally the user sometimes has to scrub through various different pages and go back and forth between multiple tabs to construct a pagelist.

This project was ranked 6th in the 2020 edition of the Community Wishlist Survey and received 51 votes for its implementation.


  • Create a OOUI widget that allows users to visualize/preview the pagelist without having to leave the tab or even reload the page.
  • Allow the user to be able to view a zoomable picture of the scanned page without having to open a different tab.
  • Allowing the user to check and edit a particular page number/range without having to remember and/or look up the pagelist syntax.
  • Standardize a set of commonly used page numbering labels on a per project basis from which a user will be able to pick the label for the current range/page number.


  • Multiple pagelist tags and complex variations of the <pagelist /> tags will not be supported. The widget will however allow normal textarea based editing for these scenarios.
  • There may be some variations in the spacing of the generated wikitext.

Proposed Workflow

  • The Pagelist Widget will consist of a text-area followed by a preview button.
  • Clicking on the preview button will show a button based representation of the pagelist.
  • On clicking on any of the buttons inside the pagelist preview, a popup window will appear which will contain a zoomable preview of the scan and a list of options from which the user can choose the type of number scheme and assign a page number for the page.
  • On setting the type of number scheme of a particular page, subsequent pages will use the same number scheme until the numbering scheme is changed again.



Current Status


A testable prototype is now live on the Beta Cluster at https://en.wikisource.beta.wmflabs.org



This widget is being developed by Sohom Datta as a part of Google Summer of Code 2020 under the mentor-ship of Satdeep Gill and Sam Wilson.

Further Information