Wikisource Satisfaction Survey 2021

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Wikisource Satisfaction Survey 2021[edit]

This survey aims to understand the community satisfaction around the Wikisource related infrastructure work done by the Community Tech team at WMF and Grantees funded by the WMF.

Here you can find the Privacy Policy for the Survey.

If you prefer to send us a message via email, copy the following questions and send your response to Satdeep Gill <sgill(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org>:

  • Username -
  • Email address (optional) -
  • Are you satisfied with the Internet Archive Upload tool, after the new improvements? These include the ability to upload PDFs and an improved reliability of the tool. (Satisfied, Neutral, Not satisfied, Haven't used it) -
  • How can we continue to improve the Internet Archive Upload Tool? (optional) -
  • What other Wikisource related improvements would you like to see? (optional) -
  • How satisfied were you with the Community Wishlist Survey and how can we improve it? (optional) -
  • Anything else that you would like to share? (optional) -