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Wikisource contest tool
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Initial releaseJune 2021 (expected)
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Source codeTBD

Wikisource contest tool is a proofread and validation contest tool for Wikisource. This tool will be the extended version of our currently running Indic Wikisource Contest tool.


Our Indic-TechCom is already running Indic Wikisource Contest tool since Jan, 2020. There are 55 contests happened on Indic Wikisource Contest tool from then. But that tool has scalability and other issues such as

  • It stores data in filesystem
  • It takes hours to generate stats for contests
  • It is not scalable to add new community features
  • It does not validate whether Index book or admin exist or not
  • It does not have proper UI
  • It does not have i18n
  • Both frontend and backend exists on same host

Although Indic Wikisource Contest tool proved itself by hosting 55 contests on it. But to ensure further development to add new features, we decided to develop new tool based on current Indic Wikisource Contest. We will take modular approach to separate frontend and backend.


  • Collaborate with CIS-A2K as community liaison (Yes check.svg Done)
  • Pywikisource
    • Add async bookStatus method for parallel execution (Yes check.svg Done)
    • Release pywikisource 0.4 (Yes check.svg Done)