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Press Coverage

Online Newspaper[edit]

"It is based on this idea of deepening the content that the professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Flávia Varella, developed the extension project History Theory on Wikipedia. The project's idea is to use the platform - an easily accessible space - to spread knowledge. Students and teachers work building and revising articles with themes such as history theory, historiography, intellectual history, and the like."
"'Once I gave a lecture at UFRGS [Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul] and professor Benito Schmidt, who was there, even said that he used one of our entries, the one on public history, as the first text in the professional master's degree', reveals the professor, without hiding her pride." (our translation)
IGOR, Leonardo. Wikipédia completa 20 anos: como funciona a maior enciclopédia do mundo (notícia). In: OPovo online. Available at:‎. Published at: 14 jan. 2021. Accessed at: 05.21.2021

"Since 2018 UFSC professors and students have been writing and editing articles in the collaborative encyclopedia to disseminate academic knowledge." (our translation)
SAYURI, Juliana . The quest for accuracy in Wikipedia history entries. In: Nexo. Available at: Published at: 10 mai. 2020. Accessed at: 05.21.2021

"Initiative of professors from the Department of History of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) aims to reformulate and build entries in History Theory."
"The idea was born from previous experiences made in the classroom by professor Flávia Varella and associated with the discussions organized with professor Rodrigo Bonaldo about :Public History at UFSC. The two professors were joined by two extension scholars under the volunteer supervision of Felipe da Fonseca, Wikipedia editor and eliminator." (our translation)
CARVALHO, Bruno Leal Pastor de. Projeto acadêmico leva Teoria da História para a Wikipédia (notícia). In: Café História – história feita com cliques. Available at:‎. Published at: 25 abr. 2018. Accessed at: 05.21.2021