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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionTezaurus that categorize different topics that can be found on Wikipedia, on English Wikipedia it's translated as Thesaurus (information retrieval), the structure is similar to a dictionary but with different information and links that act as categories.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Multilingual
Potential number of languagesManu langauges
Technical requirements
New features to requireNo
Development wikiNo
Additional project settingsno files, no images

The idea is to have a dedicated Thesaurus, wikidictionary is not actually Thesurs like Proposals for new projects suggest (By Thesaurs I mean Polish definition of the word Tezaurus that in English Wikipedia is Thesaurus (information retrieval)). Wikidictionary It's a dictionary and you can't add the format of a Thesaurus with all required information.

The format of the articles needs to look like this:

Proposed by


This is the idea of a few Polish Professors of Computer Science: The one I know of is: Cezary Orlowski (link to Google Scholar)

Alternative names

  • WikiTezaurus
  • The project can be named differently to better fit the definition of Polish Tezaurus

Domain names

  • wikitezaurus.org (I'm not sure about using Polish name, but wikithesaurus.org is taken)



People interested




I was told that Polish Professors of Computer Science wanted a dedicated thesaurus for their field (Computer Science) that would be more precise in explaining different topics than Wikipedia which would have better a categories. Something they could use as a reference when doing lectures. But to make it work like they want it needs to be a sister project of Wikipedia. It would be no use if you could not have a visible reference from every article on WIkipedia to this Tezaurs. Wikipedia or Wikidictionary is not exactly what they want to have. Making it a general Thesaurus, that categorizes different things may be worth adding as a sister project.

The idea was to have topics related to computer science, but it may be too niche for the Wikimedia sister project.

I'm adding this for discussion of the community. The only thing I can do for those professors.