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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
Reasoninteresting idea, no momentum or realistic path to existence. Pecopteris (talk) 05:50, 20 August 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionA wikispecies style wikiproject for music; Built in an encyclopedia style, the project shall include the genre and sub genres, the author/writer, the singers and other contributors, the script, the musical notes, partial or complete list of instruments used in it, the beat, number of recording tracks, duration, rhythmic details, pattern etc. Other technical details shall also be included. Additional comparison, categorization and classification of tracks shall also be made between individual tracks based on the above details. It may or may not allow users to add/upload original tracks themselves if the copy-right problem is addressed. If not then the page shall carry an external link which may lead to the web page which contains the original track.

It may be asked that why a separate wiki for music tracks; and that these things be incorporated to Wikipedia itself. In that line it could be suggested that a music-specific info-box be designed for music tracks in Wikipedia itself. But in that case it could unnecessarily elevate the number of Wikipedia articles into millions and those articles on music tracks shall deviate from the general format/character of Wikipedia totally. Regarding wikisource and wikicommons the copy-right issue shall be a major concern in this case. Nonetheless, wikisource and wikicommons are platforms for uploading/hosting original sources files. If at all a music track is uploaded to wiki commons it is an original file while converted as a sheet music in wikisource it is a transcribed version of the original. But what is suggested as Wikitones is a music-specific analysis/synthesis platform.

Considering these things, it is reasonable to think that the objective with which a separate project is dedicated to wiki species fit here too. The distinct classification pattern of species and the potential availability of millions of species lead to a separate project altogether. The case of music is similar to that of wiki species. By including the above mentioned and other music specific details, it is possible to create a unique catalogue of music tracks; Also there are already hundreds of millions of music tracks available across hundreds of languages and so the potentiality of such a project is immense.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Series of multlingual wikis.
Potential number of languagesmultilingual
Proposed taglineDatabase of Music
Proposed URL-
Technical requirements
New features to requireIt may require additional tools/features to create Sheet music.
Development wiki-
Interested participants
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Wikimusic, Wikitunes, Wikitracks, Wikichord

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