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Cquote1.svg  A curriculum which acknowledges the social responsibilities of education must present situations where problems are relevant to the problems of living together, and where observation and information are calculated to develop social insight and interest.  Cquote2.svg

Democracy and Education, John Dewey

Wikiversity assistant teacher program[edit]


The Wikiversity assistant teacher program has a list of criteria for self-certification.

Valid self-certification could be a selection criterion for school wiki support through the foundation.

Laboratory school[edit]

The proposal is to launch a laboratory school for the Wikiversity assistant teacher program, which could at the same time aim to offer the International Baccalaureate. The term "laboratory school" could be seen as a reference to educational research conducted by faculty and administration but also to educational research conducted by pupils because assistant teacher groups could be motivated to become educational researchers themselves.[1][2] Consequently the research assignment could be seen as a continuous assignment for the whole school community.

Private schools are a marginal occurrence in Germany,[3] which means in Germany appears to be more than sufficient market potential.


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