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A wiki workshop organised at SUPSI in Switzerland 3-6 April 2017 (with a meeting the 3rd, 14:00-15:00). This workshop is developed in the frame of the project Wikipedia Primary School.

Overall questions

  1. how to contribute to Wikidata to contribute to fill knowledge gaps or to create playlists to trigger new content on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects?
  2. how to monitor the uploads and content we contributed to? Is there a way to produce a tool capable of monitoring changes about a topic or field?
  3. how to represent and exhibit the Wikimedia projects, Wikidata and their knowledge and knowledge gaps?


  • Wikidata is the best tool to trace what is available on the wikimedia projects.
  • Playlists (based on existing sources) are an efficient tool to acknowledge notability and to trigger the production of new content in specific topic area (i.e. Africa, African women).


  • Brainstorming about an exhibition or communication project about the Wikimedia projects, Wikidata and their knowledge and knowledge gaps. The brainstorming is meant to design a new design project.
  • Uploads of content on Wikidata to create playlists.
  • Visualizations of content uploaded and comparison before-after.
  • Tool or definition of a potential tool to compare before-after on a specific topic.

Skills to gain during the workshop:

  1. uploading content on Wikidata
  2. extrapolating data from Wikidata
  3. confronting data from Wikidata and other databases
  4. visualizations based on Wikidata

Atelier of Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design, Building A, level -1.
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland SUPSI
Campus Trevano, Canobbio, Switzerland


  • Leading the workshop: Dr. Serena Cangiano (Dr. Iolanda Pensa, principal investigator of the overall project)
  • Participants: Marco Lurati, Fabian Frei, Giovanni Profeta, Dr. Iolanda Pensa, Florence Devouard (online).


Before the workshop[edit]

During the workshop[edit]

Brainstorming day

Exercising and training day

Uploading day

Finalising the workshop outcomes


Next steps[edit]

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