2022 European GLAMwiki Coordinators meeting

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4th Biennial European GLAMwiki Coordinators Meeting,

Hosted by Wikimedia Czech Republic, 14-16 September, 2022

Many European Wikimedia affiliates are actively involved in GLAM activities, but rarely do we work together. Following from the 2015, the 2017, and 2019 editions, this was a multi-day meeting of representatives from many European Wikimedia affiliates to share skills and best practices, coordinate projects, and consolidate connections between parts of our movement.

Topics and Presentations[edit]



  • Metrics and monitoring workshop (Etherpad) - Emil, Jessica, Fiona (WMF)
  • Capacity workshop (Etherpad)
    • Handling capacity - Michelle (WMNL)
    • GLAM helpdesk, Content Partnerships Hubs - Tore (WMSE) facilitated additionally by Susanna (GLAMschool/AvoinGLAM)
  • Crisis and GLAM (slides) - Giovanna (WMF) + Anna (WMUA) with the Ukrainian perspective + Susanna (AvoinGLAM)
  • What the must-know tools? (Etherpad) - Sandra (WMSE)
  • Wikimedia Funding, Learning and Evaluation for GLAM projects (slides) - Jessica (WMF). Workshop to discuss funding opportunities, some of the tendencies in GLAM projects, and ways to learn and share between peers.
  • OpenContent Report (slides) - Xavier (WMFR)
  • WikiBase for GLAMs; how WMDE can support European GLAMWiki coordinators in your Wikidata/Wikibase projects - Alan (WMDE)
  • Do we fail in sharing knowledge between us the GLAMers? (slides, Etherpad) - Kamila (WMPL)

Lightning talks:


Invited attendees are each the representative of a European Wikimedia affiliate organisation who have responsibility for coordinating GLAM activities.
Attendees are primarily Chapter-staff, some designated volunteers or board members - also of Thematic Orgs or User Groups. Generally this will be 1 per affiliate.
As a "functionaries meeting", the cost of travel and accommodation was at each affiliates' own expense.

Covid policy venue capacity: 30 people

Liam Wyatt - Event coordinator Wikimedia Foundation
Klára Joklová - Host Wimedia Czech Republic
Xavier Cailleau Wikimedia France
Susanna Ånäs AvoinGLAM
Marta Arosio Wikimedia Italia
Rebecca O’Neill WikiCommunity Ireland
Daria Cybulska Wikimedia UK
Stuart Prior Wikimedia UK
Fiona Romeo Wikimedia Foundation
Anna Khrobolova (User:Anntinomy) Wikimedia Ukraine
Axel Pettersson Wikimedia Sweden
Tore Danielsson Wikimedia Sweden
Sandra Fauconnier OpenRefine + Wikimedia Sverige
Kamila Neuman Wikimedia Poland
Giovanna Fontenelle Wikimedia Foundation
Jon Harald Søby Wikimedia Norway
Eva Vele Wikimedia Czech Republic
Lucy Patterson Wikimedia Deutschland
Zana Strkovska GLAM Macedonia
Gorana Gomirac Wikimedia Serbia
Rita Maliqi Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group - Kosovo
Michelle van Lanschot Wikimedia Nederland (WMNL)
Paulo Perneta Wikimedia Portugal
Geert Van Pamel Wikimedia Belgium
Sandra Becker Wikimedia CH
Rubén Ojeda Wikimedia Spain
Alan Ang Wikimedia Deutschland
Mike Dickison Wikimedia Aotearoa NZ
Emil Chetty Wikimedia Foundation
Jessica Stephenson Wikimedia Foundation