2019 European GLAMwiki Coordinators meeting

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3nd European GLAMwiki Coordinators Meeting,

Stockholm University, Wednesday 14 August, 2019

Many Wikimedia affiliates are actively involved in GLAM activities, but rarely do we work together. Following from the 2015 edition and 2017 edition, this is a one day meeting is to share skills and best practices, coordinate projects, and consolidate connections between parts of our movement.
Organised by Europeana

This meeting will take place parallel to the first day of the Wikimania 2019 Hackathon, in the "Kungstenen" room of the Aula Magna building.


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How do we want to use this time? Please add items.


Especially since one of the focus areas of the Hackathon is GLAMwiki, and this meeting will be taking-place next door to the Hackathon, this is the perfect opportunity for the group to obtain expert training on the state-of-the-art tools and techniques relating to our work.


What things should we really discuss together? What do you want to ask?

  • Strategy process, especially regarding Partnerships.
  • What is the status of the WMF grantmaking processes
  • What is the role of a chapter in a glam project ?
    • Working with volunteers community. Help partners to build a local support ? Have we some great exemples ?
    • Regarding the volunteers availabilities : How far should the chapter work with Glam partners without volunteers ?
    • How to improve the partner's autonomy in Wikimedia projects contribution ?
  • WIR : Why, how and what after ?
  • <add suggested item>

Lightning talks/Proposals[edit]

What GLAM projects have your organisation done in the last 2 years you want to show-off to your peers? What new projects would you like to request help or partners for?

  • Building a Glam strategy in a chapter, how do we work with glam in France ? How do we want to work in the future ? Xavier Cailleau WMFr
  • Initial thoughts about working with Saami languages and culture in GLAM in Finland Susannaanas


To be built...

Time Session Details
11:30 Break
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lightning talks
15:30 Break
16:30 Proposals and next steps


Invited attendees are each the representative of a European Wikimedia affiliate organisation who have responsibility for coordinating GLAM activities.
Attendees will primarily be Chapter-staff, but also can include designated volunteers or board members - also of Thematic Orgs or User Groups. Generally this will be 1 per affiliate, but in some affiliates the role might be shared.
As a "functionaries meeting", the cost of travel and accommodation is at the affiliates' expense.Attendees do NOT need to register for the preconferece in order to attend this meeting.

Capacity: 30 people