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21C3/MediaWiki developer conference

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Poster with signatures of attendees

On the 21C3 we have the occasion to hold a MediaWiki developer conference. Currently we have got funding to bring Brion VIBBER and Tim Starling to Berlin for this event, Jimbo Wales will hold a presentation, too.

The 21C3 is from 27th to 29th December in Berlin at the BCC. There will be about 3500 hackers, geeks and other crazy people from all over the world, lots of interesting presentations and workshops and a genial ambiance. Wikipedia will have an own corner for presentating the project and meetings of Wikipedians.


Overview of Wikipedia-related talks at 21C3

  • Tim Starling, Brion Vibber: "Edit This Page" day one 15:00h (1 hour)
  • Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia Sociographics, day one 16.00h (1 hour)
  • MediaWiki Developers Workshop, all MediaWiki developers, day one, 21:00h (3 hours)
  • Joi Ito, "Emergent Democracy", day two, 18:00h, 1 hour
  • Wikimedia Collaboration Workshop, day two, 22:00h, 1 hour


To help with the planning, please list yourself, if you want to attend and note if you need accommodation (or whatever else).

  • Domas Mituzas - accomodation would be nice. Vilnius is not too far from Berlin, so I'll come ;-)
  • E23 - I'm arriving on Dec 26 and will leave Jan 2. I've found accommodation on my own, but thanks for the offer.
  • Hashar - If I come it will be from Paris by night-train. I can sleep almost anywhere although a shower is welcome in the morning :o)
  • Evan - I'd love to come; I'll need to check on airfare, though. I can probably find accommodation on my own, but I'd like the option.
  • Brion VIBBER
  • Taw - Berlin is too close to miss the opportunity. Some accommodation would be nice.
  • JeLuF - Arriving on evening of Dec 26
  • Eloquence - I live in Berlin, so duh
  • Tim Starling
  • Tom Gries [mail]
    I offer a presentation talk about:
    EN+EA for CVS 1.5 published on 14.12.2004 --Tom Gries [mail] 11:33, 14 Dec 2004 (UTC)
    Email notification (EA) for watch-listed and user_talk page changes = bugzilla:454
    Email address authentication (EA) via a temporary one-time password cycle = bugzilla:866
    other patches mainly regarding watchlist and recent changes view business and last-visited revision
    Unfortunately, I would not be able to present my talk or attend other talks on the evening of day two, i.e. 28.12.2004 from 7 p.m. onward.
    no accomodation needed
  • Erik Zachte No acco needed
  • Magnus Manske No acco needed
  • Jimbo Wales
  • Gangleri Need acco. I will come by car with Vina. Sorry for this late planning [1] ;-) mail
  • +sj+ likewise
  • Joi Ito no acco needed (phone: +1-650-861-2169)


Who needs a computer?[edit]

  • Hashar Not sure why a computer is needed, if it is I unfortunatly don't have a laptop.
  • E23 It'd be nice, since I don't own a laptop.


There are two possibilities. Please tell here where you want to stay.

  • hackcenter (in the basement, with all the other projects):
  • Wikipedia booth (with the other Wikipedians ;-):