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(→‎Users identified to the Wikimedia Foundation: Tim Starling has seen her id.)
(→‎Users identified to the Wikimedia Foundation: hrwiki user identified 8/13/07)
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* [[User:Angela]]
* [[User:Angela]]
{{/user|1110258|Annabel }}
{{/user|1110258|Annabel }}
* [[User:Ante Perkovic]]
{{/user|1011677|Anthere }}
{{/user|1011677|Anthere }}
{{/user|903370|Andre Engels }}
{{/user|903370|Andre Engels }}

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Identification noticeboard

                             |                     For Steward requests/Permissions,              |
                             |               do not add users unless you are Cary Bass.           |

Users identified to the Wikimedia Foundation


  • {{/user|diff id|user name}} (to link to another user page: {{/user|diff id|user name|interwiki prefixes}}@xxproject)
  • or * User@xxproject

Canned email to send, explaining ID process is here

List of users who have provided identification to Wikimedia Foundation, which is required for checkuser, oversight, or steward access: