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We have a logo for Wikifunctions!

The logo vote closed in March. The vote was a tremendous success, with 561 contributors casting their votes. Following the vote we had to go through several rounds involving the Legal team and the Design department, with the goal throughout to ensure that we follow the will of the community. After this long (and costly) process we are exhausted and yet delighted to present the finalized logo today:

The original top-voted logo had to be modified as there was a high risk of third parties opposing our use of it, and we learned of ongoing lawsuits over other logos based on lambda characters. It seemed like it would be only a matter of time for the original top-voted design to cause trouble.

So we took a close look at the top three voted community submissions (by NGC 54, Jon Harald Søby, and Steven Liu Yi respectively):

The designer combined elements from each of those: the circumscribed lambda from the first logo, the incorporation of the Wikipedia W from the second logo, and the idea of combining the W and the Lambda from the third logo. We used these elements to enrich the winning proposal and at the same time increase its distinctiveness and add an already protected and very recognizable element.

Looking back at Wikidata, this is a similar process that took the original submission and turned it into the final logo.

We hope that you like the logo! We have tested it with a few community members and have seen positive reactions so far. But we have not started the process of registering the mark yet, or printing T-Shirts, stickers, and buttons. We will also create the other assets - a scalable version, the favicon, etc. But we wanted to wait for your reaction as well before we do so.

Congratulations again to NGC 54 for creating the winning proposal, and to Jon Harald Søby and Steven Liu Yi for contributing the elements that became part of the final design.