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Welcome, Julia!

This week we are very happy to welcome Julia Kieserman to the team. Julia studied Computer Science at Georgetown University, and we were impressed by how closely-aligned her experiences are with Wikifunction’s mission to allow everyone to share in the ability to answer questions using functions. You can find her on Github as juliakieserman. Let’s have her introduce herself in her own words.

Hey everyone!

I'm incredibly excited to be joining WMF as a software engineer on the Abstract Wikipedia team. I live in NYC (born and raised) but have lived in London, Munich and other parts of the U.S. for periods, somehow always ending up back in NYC :). After studying Computer Science in college, I've worked as a software developer, data engineer and product manager.

I'm most passionate about lowering the barrier to entry for all things tech related (i.e. coding shouldn't be scary) and continuing to make the field an inclusive and well-represented world!

During my free time I like reading whatever I can get my hands on, bike riding, and eating food cooked by others.


Please join me in welcoming Julia on the team!