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Things which went bad and wrong, and that could be improved for next year.


I guess I'll address the elephant in the room: notifications. I think it's really best to just do it ASAP after the list is generated. That way, you don't have to manually check and make sure that the admin in question didn't return in the months since the list was generated.

Somewhere around 100 wikis were notified this year, but it really wasn't that bad compared to 2013, where there were 300+, and where a lot of wikis had 4-5 admins or sometimes even more.

As far as my ability to help, I was glad to help this year, especially since it sort of made up for my only 1 year as a steward. I'm not ruling out my ability to help in the future, but I'm not always going to be around and I can't guarantee that I'll have the time. I would suggest getting more stewards involved next year (I know there was a shortfall of new stewards this year), or more creative solutions like allowing any global sysop to assist in leaving the notifications, and then asking them for assistance. --Rschen7754 18:02, 28 August 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

My two cents[edit]

  • Notifications: as Rschen pointed above, as it stands now it currently involves a lot of time. As soon as the list is published, we should get the communities and the users informed. I think we should do this with a bot (MassMessage is not practical because we want to notify the users in the local language), which picks the appropriate translation for the project. This process should be quick and pretty straightforward. It is not okay in my opinion that this last months, when everything can be sorted out in one or two months.
  • List: it will save a lot of time to have links to contributions and Special:UserRights (with default prefilled reason) on the /Data page, so one don't have to type the usernames over and over.
  • More people: absolutely agree if the system is not changed. If, however, we can have a bot that notifies the communities and the users and then links back here the diff of the notifications then we just have to check back communities and users.
  • More automatization: overall, if the process could be more automatized, it'll be simpler and save us a lot of time.

Thank you, —MarcoAurelio 21:10, 28 August 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]