Affiliate Chairpersons meeting August 12 2017

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Affiliate Chairpersons meeting August 12, 2017[edit]

Invitations are sent out to the chairs of chapters and thematic organizations by Itzik 21st of July.
Time: August 12 at 11 am to 1 pm
Place: Wikimania 2017, Montreal, Canada. Conference Venue, Level 2, Salon 2.
This meeting is open only for chairs of chapters and thematic organizations s


(Please list your attendence)

Agenda (second draft July 26)[edit]

Opening and introductions[edit]

  • Opening at 11:00 hrs
  • Group photo
  • Notes on Etherpad

Notes previous Chairpersons meeting, April 1, 2017[edit]

Check the Notes of the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting April 1 2017.

Strategy update[edit]

Katherine Maher is invited for this part of the meeting. An update of the strategy process is given by her and Christophe on Friday evening. During our meeting we can discuss with here the role of the chapters in movement strategy process.

  • Outcome: better understanding how we can contribute
  • Time: 30 min.

Getting to know each other (a little better)[edit]

Role play, moderated by Itzik Edri

  • Outcome: understanding of each others background and motivation.
  • Time: 15 min

Value and purpose of the chairpersons meetings[edit]

Discussion about value and purpose of the Affiliate Chairpersons meetings

  • Outcome: shared view on the purpose of chair meetings.
  • Time: 30 min

Chapter development[edit]

What can we do to encourage each other

  • Outcome: draft list of possible actions
  • Time: 15 min


  • Wrap up.
  • Any other business

Closing at 13:00 hrs

Preliminary Agenda (July 21) with list of ideas[edit]

  • Frans is a candidate for moderating the meeting.
  • Notes on etherpad is proposed.
  • Is it possible to access this meeting online?
  • Picture of the attendees?

Please add your topics and your comments.
Due to limit of time schedule, not all topics may be handled in the meeting, therefore a prioritizing of the agenda topics is important.

Notes previous chairpersons meeting, April 1, 2017
The chairs' meeting of April 1 Notes are available on meta: Notes_of_the_Affiliate_Chairpersons_meeting_April_1_2017
Roundtable presentations of the chapters achievements.
See also mail from Itzik
Strategy update.
How can the chapters best practice and present the strategy in their local geography.
Freedom of Panorama world map.svg
Freedom of Panorama.
Judgment i BUS v. Wikimedia Sverige case
How can the chapters work in local juridical and politics.
The trouble in Wikimedia France
What can we learn, What is the best practice among the chapters.
Coordination between the chapters and the "Wikimedia Entities"
(E.g. Wikipedia Education Collaborative). How to make it work?
Existing chapters, both founded (dark blue) and approved (dark turquoise), planned chapters (green), and chapters in discussion (light blue) as of 4 March 2015.
Process of recognition of Chapters and User groups
  • As discussed in Berlin.
  • No chapter has been approved since 2014.
Board of Chairs
Should the chairs have their own board? The summit might be too big to be self organized.