Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Advisor's Roles & Expectations

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The Wikimedia Affiliations Committee (AffCom) advises and makes recommendations regarding the recognition and existence of Wikimedia movement affiliates. While the members of AffCom are elected representatives from across Wikimedia communities, there are others who are invited to serve in an advisory capacity. AffCom advisors are non-voting community members who offer to assist AffCom in its efforts.

When invited to serve as an AffCom Advisor, this is what will be expected:

Experience and Expertise[edit]

Community members will be invited in an advisory capacity due to their experience and expertise across the Wikimedia Movement in ways that are of direct service to the smooth functioning of Affiliates. This includes experience in:

  • Conflict resolution and/or mediation
  • Abilities to understand and advise on local and cultural contexts about different regions or geographic areas where Affiliates operate
  • Board governance and election process,
  • Preference on having an international vision (although not country-by-country specific) of rights and legislation
  • Empathy for understanding complex situations, personal motivation, and psychology.
  • High sense of public relations in dealing with diversity within the movement.

Time Commitment[edit]

  • AffCom Advisors will be expected to attend monthly Conflict Subcommittee or Recognitions Subcommittee meetings as needed and respond to emails directed to them on certain matters related to AffCom work and their expertise.
  • Advisors should be able to meet with individual members leading on tasks or subcommittees when requested
  • Being cautious of the advisors’ time, the AffCom members should collaborate together to not overwhelm them.

Length of Appointment[edit]

AffCom Advisors will be expected to serve for the term of one year, and be renewable up to twice.