Amical Wikimedia/June 2013

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  • June 3-5. Meetings on the wiki strategy with Barcelona City Hall Museums. Kippelboy
  • June 4. Meeting-workshop at Tarragona Public Library. Lluis_tgn
  • June 4. Meeting with Catalan Institute for Women to prepare a collaboration agreement. Kippelboy
  • June 6-7. GLAMwiki workshop in Vall Fosca. Wikipedia in rural villages in the mountain. Kippelboy
  • June 10. Meeting with Network of Public Catalan Libraries. Kippelboy
  • June 11. Meeting to prepare the week of tweeting as @CatalanVoices. Kippelboy
  • June 12. Meeting with the technical office of Tercentenary 1714. Kippelboy
  • June 12. Workshop at Balaguer Public Library. ESM
  • June 17. Meeting between ESM and Kippelboy to prepare the conference on Viquimodernisme at Coup de Fouet
  • June 19. Workshop at Vila de Gràcia Library. KRLS
  • June 26-28. Coup de Fouet International Congress. Presentation of case study of Viquimodernisme. ESM & Kippelboy


Workshop in Betxí, Valencian Country
  • June 5. Talk on Wikipedia to teachers of SES Serra de Noet de Berga School. Pitxiquin
  • June 11. Workshop of Wikipedia to students of IES Guillem de Berguedà de Berga. Pitxiquin
  • June 18. Workshop in Betxí, Valencian Country. Coet
  • June 20. Workshop of Wikipedia to teachers of SES Serra de Noet de Berga. Pitxiquin
  • 28 de juny. Speech "Wikipedia and education outside of school" to the secondary education students with best marks in Girona, at the Town Hall of Girona. News Arnaugir



Una habitació on sempre plou, by Juan Muñoz in Plaça del Mar, winning photo of Wiki Loves Public Art Barcelona


  • New member: QuimGil
  • June 3. Meeting with Grup Serra, editor group of Gran Enciclopèdia de Mallorca. Paucabot
  • June 4. Meeting with Elizabeth Martin, researcher at the University of Portsmouth. Kippelboy
  • June 18. Meeting with General Directorate for Language Policy of Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya). Barcelona
  • June 22-23. Attendance to Program Evaluation Workshop of Wikimedia Foundation in Budapest. Kippelboy
  • June 25. Winners of Wiki Loves Public Art Barcelona are announced. News