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Hi! This is the Association of Splittist Wikipedians. We are the yin to the Association of Mergist Wikipedians' yang. Yes.

We hold that splittism is the natural conclusion of eventualism, and that why not have separate pages for articles that are eventually going to have their own page anyway? Merging them into a bigger article just means more work later down the line. We like having articles on topics rather than having to dig through "1997 Atlantic hurricane season" to read about "Hurricane Bill".

We also believe that having separate articles helps to increase the rate at which topics are developed, because people might be reluctant to expand one section of an article in too great a proportion to the rest of the page, and may not think to make a new page due to a lack of red links and a general mergist climate. In the short run this means some smaller articles, but in the long run it means less throwing information around, possibly greater overall efficiency, and development and expansion of articles that would be shorter had they been merged.


  • Break articles up in cases where something will eventually have an article anyway
  • Resist the unnecessary merging of articles
  • Split up Wikipedia articles, especially the bigger ones.



Proposal Logo of the Association of Splittist Wikipedians: The Splittist logo is a yellow rose whence rise three petals whit three different colors, green, red and blue (wikimedia colors). It obviously represent the philosophy of this association, that is to give to every argument his own space to blom. The yellow color symbolize the alternative path they want to draw
Proposal logos of the wikimedia association of users

Hello everybody! I'm an inclusionist but i'd like to submit my proposal for a new Splittist logo. I have created nine other logo proposal for nine different association. Hope the one for you meet your taste :) --Bruce The Deus (talk) 16:30, 28 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]