Association of Antiovertranswikist Wikimedians

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It's time an association like this be started.

Every day, Wikipedia articles are transwikied to Wikibooks because their inability with WP's project scope. Every day, Wikibooks books are transwikied to Wikiversity because of OR and POV.

Eventually Wikiversity becomes a dump of smelly OR and POV. It's no surprise that Jimbo has been discussing with the board whether to close it or not.

Before the Wikiversity landfill fills up, we have to stop this overtranswikism from growing.

This association, or this philosophy itself, is brand-new to Wikimedia, given the year it's started. 2010.

Show your support. Or, rather, show your opposition to overtranswikism. Join the association today. Sign below with three tildes (~~~).

News update[edit]



Proposal Logo of the Association of antiovertranswikist wikimedians: The Antiovertranswikist logo is simple, sharp and clear: Stop the transwikism! All in this logo recall the danger of this pratice: the red colour, the white hand and the signal-like shape.
Proposal logos of the wikimedia association of users

Hello everybody! I'm an inclusionist but i'd like to submit my proposal for a new Antitranswikist logo. I have created nine other logo proposal for nine different association. Hope the one for you meet your taste :) --Bruce The Deus (talk) 16:30, 28 May 2016 (UTC)

That's very nice, thanks! Though to this day I'm probably the only antiovertranswikist in existence. User:Kayau 18:14, 7 January 2017 (UTC)


Placing a motion to make the proposed logo the official logo for this group. If nobody disagrees within a year, I'll assume it's okay. AnAwesomeArticleEditor (talk) 13:44, 16 June 2017 (UTC)


I made a userbox for this group: w:en:User:AnAwesomeArticleEditor/aaw