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Redirectionism is philosophy among Wikimedians who believe Redirects are a vital part of Wikimedia Projects. It is espoused by users called Redirectionist who favor to this philosophy.


The motto and the major phrase used by Redirectionists is Redirects are the best.

Rationale about Redirects[edit]

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  • Redirects are one of the major behind-the-scenes mechanisms that maintain Wikipedia.
  • Redirects not only help the Wikipedia's stability but also give easiness to readers.
  • There are articles with a topic having Synonyms. Redirects are a solution for the readers who search those synonyms.
  • Redirects save Wikipedia from Duplication. For example, if a user create an article on a topic which is already include in Wikipedia in another name, will create duplication and this may create misunderstanding among the readers.
  • The readers may not know the exact name of article in Wikipedia. They may know only other names of article. Redirects find a solution for this.
  • Redirects reduce the amount of redlinks.
  • Redirects make Wikipedia more efficient.
  • Redirects avoid the creation of duplicate articles in Wikipedia.
  • Redirects create a satisfaction among audience searched for an article in Wikipedia which is not in same name.
  • The best product of redirects are shortcuts. Because it give the opportunity for Wikipedians to search the pages easily and quickly.
  • Redirects give the results to the readers who searched for a section in an article.
  • Redirects give universality to Wikipedia.
  • Redirects are vital to projects like the sun is to life.
  • Redirects aid navigation and searching by allowing a page to be reached under alternative titles.
  • Redirects are used to help people arrive more quickly at the page they want to read.


There is an association for Wikipedians believe in Redirectionism. Feel free to join...

Association of Redirectionist Wikipedians (2016).png

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