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Wikiscepticism (also Wikiskepticism) is a philosophy which doubts the success of Wikipedia. More generally, it is the application of scepticism to the creation, development and maintenance of collaborative online information and education resources such as wikipedia, wikibooks, wikiversity classes, wiktionary definitions, and so forth. The cardinal point of all forms of scepticism is a rejection of axioms, conclusory presuppositions, precepts particularly when they are the received wisdom of dogma and institutional orthodoxies. It is an approach in contrast to wikindividualism and wikidemocracy.

A Wikisceptic is a strong supporter of the principle that Wikipedia goes against human nature. They believe that the individual will make the wrong decision as will popular opinion. They also argue that because of the ambiguity between Wikidemocracy and Wikindividualism building a free online encyclopedia is an impossibility.



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